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        Ritz Cracker

        I was only responding to a specific message from a specific individual.  Please go back and read his original post and you will understand why I responded like I did.  No offence to anyone else.

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          You seem to be implying that I bought a copy on ebay knowing it was basically stolen.  Personally, I resent your implication.  What I bought, I bought in good faith and paid a reasonable price for it, as--i am sure--did others in this thread who had a similar experience.


          The rest of what you say is overstating the obvious.  Just what is your point?

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            Ritz Cracker Newcomer

            I was not replying to your posting at all.  If you look at the message, it is a reply to a specific individual.  I was responding to a posting that insulted anyone who ever purchased software on Ebay.  If you follow the thread backwards, you can find the original post.  The reason I was critical is that there are individuals who for whatever reason think anyone who purchases software from a third party is depriving Adobe of revenue.  You are the third person today who thinks I was writing about them?  Does anyone out there ever check the receipent address to a specific post?  So once again, please don't shoot the messenger.

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              Noel Carboni Mythic

              Kevan, I'm glad to hear you were able to confirm your copy is legitimate with Adobe.


              I only asked about the "Deactivate" menu out of curiosity.  If it weren't there it might have indicated you had a problem.  It's supposed to be there, as you report that it is, with properly activated software.


              I hope you noted the date and time that you spoke to Adobe (ideally, with the name of the tech support person or any other identifying info like a case number).  Even better would be an eMail or any kind of written response from them.


              I find it unbelievable the number of people selling outright counterfeit, cracked, or fraudulent software.  As a software author myself I only hope to meet one of these pirates someday, somewhere where there's no one else around... 



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                James Svos wrote:


                If you follow the thread backwards...

                James, Skip was responding to the same person you were. You can see that in Skip's post just like we can see who you responded to.


                Would you two like to grow up?


                bwalkerinc clearly stated that there can be exceptions (such as yourselves). Don't you two act so offended to an innocent post.


                Congratulations to those of you that have successfully purchased software from eBay. You are a minority.

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                  Doc81harley Newcomer

                  James is not the bad guy here, nor is he responsible for some of the feedback being posted.  I went back and looked at the specific person he was referring to when he made his post, which I don't think many others did. The person he was referring to did make a comment that by buying off eBay we already know they are copies and not original software and  are just looking to find Adobe products at unreasonably low prices.

                  Is it illegal for an authorized distributor of Adobe products who buys in bulk quantities to sell them on eBay?  I see no problem with that and not all who sell products of any kind should be pigeon holed as being dishonest because they choose eBay to sell their items on.  That not only goes for software programs but for any products sold on eBay or any auction site.  I buy a lot of gold and silver coins off eBay, and there have been times I was ripped off but that doesn't mean all sellers of gold & silver coins are fake or a ripoff.



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                    It is no challenge to see what post James was replying to and it is no challenge to see a prefaced note about likely exceptions in that post.


                    bwalkerinc wrote:


                    This whole thread borders on the absurd. Obviously there can be exceptions

                    but here it is in a nutshell:


                    Most who choose to purchase Photoshop on E-bay are looking for the quick

                    score on saving money. They already know up front it's a copy; they simply

                    don't care...


                    There was never any blanket statement that all software on eBay is pirated and people looking to buy on eBay must be pirates. James was just overreacting by focussing on part of a post without reading the whole thing. Let's lighten up and move on.


                    I don't entirely agree with bwalkerinc's assessment about 'most' people knowingly buy pirated software on eBay. I think most people are simply ignorant. But I see no reason in arguing bwalkerinc's comment like some have here, thinking that it was any sort of personal attack. There are more personal attacks in the responses to bwalkerinc.  It is time to grow up.

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                      So many seem to think they have the right to copy and as a result steal from

                      those that are rightfully entitled to the revenue. I would love to see those

                      same people give away for free whatever they themselves make and see how

                      they react.


                      Software developers are entitled to sell their product. Others are not

                      entitled to copy it and/or sell it as a sideline business.


                      E-bay is filled with illegally copied software that is being sold as

                      legitimate, why do you think it is priced where it's at? The old saying "you

                      get what you pay for" is ALMOST ALWAYS true. When the price is too good to

                      believe guess what... It is! I simply cannot believe that grown adults are

                      shocked when they discover they purchased bogus software. Then on top of

                      that they think their entitled to Adobe support and have the nerve to

                      complain when Adobe refuses. You've got to be kidding me!!!


                      Save yourselves and your money, please people. When you're in the market to

                      buy software learn what the suggested retail is. Then learn what legitimate

                      sources are selling that exact same software for. Hint: E-bay is probably

                      not a legitimate source most of the time. Then when comparing prices

                      automatically ignore the low ball numbers as you will probably be ripped

                      off. Last but not least, if you're not dealing with a major player you are

                      probably better off by not buying. Better to pay more thru a known source

                      than risk your probably hard earned money!

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                        bwalkerinc Newcomer

                        I absolutely believe that the majority of software purchases on eBay are

                        fraudulent copies. Of course, there is some legitimate business going on

                        with eBay derived software but it is in the minority. If the price is too

                        good to believe, it is.


                        So as not to offend anyone this is not aimed at anyone in particular. Just a

                        statement of fact. Those that look for the cheapest on any given software

                        product on EBay will probably lose their money. If you can't afford the

                        software thru a known legitimate source take the time to save up rather than

                        risk whatever you're getting ready to lay down on the line. A good solid tip

                        for life in general.

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                          bwalkerinc Newcomer

                          If you tell me what you paid for it I will look into the MSRP and also what

                          known vendors are selling the product for and I will then form an opinion as

                          to whether you should have known there was risk involved in the purchase. As

                          I'm sure you realize my opinion will really only have value to myself and

                          won't accomplish anything of value for you but perhaps you might be able to

                          look at it as a learning experience for future purchases. I've never

                          purchased bogus software in my life as I have always dealt with known

                          vendors that are selling at what appears to be a realistic price. Once the

                          price is too good to believe you have probably gone too far out on the

                          proverbial limb.

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                            bwalkerinc Newcomer

                            I have a favorite saying at work because it seems so many people read only a

                            part of what is written and here is that saying: "Words have meaning". In

                            other words make sure you write what you mean and read what others write.

                            You just may end up with the meaning. Leaving things out is liable to give

                            you the wrong meaning.

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                              bwalkerinc Newcomer

                              You might not have an understanding of how much of a discount can be had.

                              These huge discounts in the legitimate business world simply don't exist.

                              Compare prices on software and assume you will have issues with the low

                              balls out there. Can an excellent and legitimate bargain exist from time to

                              time. We both know it can but the chances are against you.


                              I don't live in a bubble. Who knows how many people get ripped off on ebay.

                              It's a daily event. Can you tell me how many people get ripped off when

                              buying direct from Adobe or say folks like B&H Photo in New York or other

                              well known legitimate vendors? Zero. It doesn't happen. Ebay is filled with

                              stolen and or fradulant product as well as legitimate stuff but how do you

                              know with certainty you're not about to get ripped off? Most of the time you

                              don't. Every industry in America is now faced with stolen product ending up

                              on eBay because so many out there are looking for "super deals". Yes, some

                              of it is legit but much of it is stolen or copied from our very own

                              employers. You know why there are always thieves... Because there are always

                              buyers. No buyers, no thieves.

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                                Noel Carboni Mythic

                                EBay anecdote:


                                I bought a refurbished workstation on eBay.  That worked out to be a good deal, actually.




                                When the seller was unable to provide the exact hardware he'd advertised (he'd advertised a blu-ray DVD but didn't have one), he offered to "make it worth my while by throwing in a bunch of great software".


                                The machine arrived with no blu-ray but with cracked copies of Photoshop Extended and a whole host of other expensive software.  I reported his butt in a heartbeat to every vendor.  I probably should have blackmailed him into sending me more hardware but I just don't get into that kind of stuff.


                                The good news is that Adobe, Microsoft, and the others all responded that they were going to take the report seriously.


                                As far as that software goes, it is long deleted, as I replaced the single disk drive he'd shipped with a couple of new high reliability drives for a RAID C: and formatted the one he shipped for use as my Photoshop scratch drive D:.


                                How people think they can get away with such crap is beyond me.



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                                  Don Kanalie

                                  For my two cents:

                                  Finally got my own original version of CS5 - expensive investment but hopefully worth the price   after having dealt with some strange eBay DVD sent from China....

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                                    acresofgreen Pioneer

                                    Hi Kevan,  you need to create an account on adobe.com to access some of the content.  https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/membership/index.cfm

                                    New to Adobe?

                                    Create an Adobe Account

                                    It´s free and only takes a minute

                                    Get complete access to:

                                    • Free trial downloads
                                    • Hundreds of free product extensions
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                                    • Manage your activity in the Adobe Worldwide Store
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                                      J4e8a16n Newcomer

                                      Is this place safe?


                                      Link deleted

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                                        BobLevine Legend

                                        Any place selling academic versions with no requirement for credentials is not legit, IMO.



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                                          John T Smith Legend

                                          >Any place selling academic versions with no requirement for credentials is not legit, IMO


                                          I work at a University, so buy education versions where the license allows personal use outside the education organization (pretty much all of them, as far as I know... but I do check first to make sure I can use the software at home)


                                          Your "IMO" is actually fact... an education reseller is supposed to require proof of school identity... looking around at Adobe's product or store information area will lead to a link where Adobe describes their requirements for someone to sell education versions of their software... ah... here are some links





                                          The only two I have bought from DO require proof http://www.studica.com/ and https://www.academicsuperstore.com/


                                          Even the bookstore on my campus requires a student or employee ID

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                                            Lou1917 Newcomer

                                            So having read all the responses from 2008 to 2010, I still am not sure if the questions has been answered.  Here's my dilemma.  I want to upgrade from Premiere 3 to Premiere 8.  Ebay is auctioning a copy of 8 at around $30 to $40.  Adobe sells it for $80.  Can I assume that the Ebay product is fraudulent and I should buy from Adobe for the full retail price.  The Ebay price is very tempting but after reading all the comments, I'm 75% convinced that I should forego Ebay altogether.

                                            • 519. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                              Lou1917 Newcomer

                                              So having read all the responses from 2008 to 2010, I still am not sure if the questions has been answered.  Here's my dilemma.  I want to upgrade from Premiere 3 to Premiere 8.  Ebay is auctioning a copy of 8 at around $30 to $40.  Adobe sells it for $80.  Can I assume that the Ebay product is fraudulent and I should buy from Adobe for the full retail price.  The Ebay price is very tempting but after reading all the comments, I'm 75% convinced that I should forego Ebay altogether.

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                                                philipjdavies Newcomer

                                                AS long as you use paypal then if somthing goes wrong you are covered.

                                                Allternative ask seller to confirm if it is not a legal copy you will get a full


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                                                  Mel Davis. Pioneer


                                                  I have stopped buying software on eBay because most of it is counterfeit.Most of what's being discussed in this thread pertains to Adobe Photoshop (not Elements), which is a $650 piece of software, not $80 as Elements is. So you might think that there's little incentive for counterfeit fraud with the $80 software.  But that's not true.  Inexpensive software is often counterfeited as well and sold on eBay.


                                                  Without looking at the specific auction you have in mind, it's hard to offer an objective opinion about any one auction.  If you post the link, they'll edit ithe link out of your post here, so don't bother.


                                                  I did just look at the active eBay auctions for PE8 in the price range you mention.  I didn't see any Buy It Now auctions in that range.  There are half a dozen auction listings starting in that range that will most likely end with a selling price closer to $50-60, not $30-40, even though they're starting at $30-40.  There is one seller who has listed dozens of copies of unboxed Photoshop Elements 8, some in this price range as auctions, others as Buy It Now or auction sales starting in the $50-60 range.  Selling dozens of copies, unboxed, are strike one and strike two, for increasing likelihood of fraud, as far as I'm concerned.  He doesn't specifically say so in his listings, but he implies that he is selling OEM copies which must be distributed with hardware, because he includes hardware in the auction. I don't know whether PE8 is legitimately distributed in the way described in his listings, but it can be counterfeited, stolen, or purchased wholesale that way, easily.


                                                  There is only one auction in this price range that looks like it might be for a retail copy of PE8. Someone is selling only one copy, and he's never listed and sold other copies before. He claims he got it as a gift but already had it, so he's selling his extra copy. That's one good reason to sell software as a bargain.  One concern: he admits opening the box, to see if what was inside matched what he has.  A little odd, but maybe we overlook it.  Another concern, did the person buying this as a gift for him buy a legitimate retail copy, or did he buy a fake one, too, or even steal it?  There's no way to know, although the fact that his copy comes in the box helps a bit.  Boxes can be and are counterfeited, too, though.


                                                  Nobody is going to sell multiple legitimate copies of retail Adobe software at half price, until the product has been discontinued, because it's too easy to sell it for more.  You could wait until PE8 is discontinued for PE9 and snap it up on clearance from a legitimate retail outlet.  You could also check legitimate online retailers such as Newegg and amazon or stores for a better price than Adobe's.  Those are safer bets than buying on eBay.

                                                  • 522. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                    Lou1917 Newcomer

                                                    Thanks a lot for your answers.  You have confirmed for me what was always in the back of my mind that this was too good to be true.  I think I'll pay the extra and get a legal copy from Adobe.  Thanks again.  I really rely on people like you to help software-challenged people like me!!

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                                                      the_wine_snob Legend

                                                      Premiere Elements is installed by some vendors. I would assume, but do not specifically recall, that PS Elements is too. Still, having a lot of copies of either would seem that someone pilfered them from Dell, or similar, or that they were not legit. Now, I guess that a smaller shop could have an arrangement with Adobe to do OEM, but that seems a bit unlikely. Guess that it could happen though.



                                                      • 524. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                        philipjdavies Newcomer


                                                        You are a little over the top with E bay. I have bought and sold many items on

                                                        E  bay including software.

                                                        All you need to do is be a liitle sceptical. If in doubt ask seller

                                                        If your software legitimate

                                                        If it wont register and I send you a screen shot of the rejection will you

                                                        refund me.

                                                        Make your payment through PayPal


                                                        Then if anything goes wrong you can claim of payplal refer them to your two E

                                                        mails and the sellers answers. If it has gone wrong then you get your money back

                                                        from Paypal.

                                                        I agree with you that 90% is suspect but dont tar all sellers with same brush.

                                                        within 10% are those that are no longer using the software and selling it on.

                                                        those that have been given it or won it as prize etc and dont want it. Those

                                                        that have legit and have been able to obtain multiple copies.

                                                        There will always be ways to get pirate working copies versions of software if

                                                        one is so inlcined

                                                        Philip Davies

                                                        • 525. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                          Noel Carboni Mythic

                                                          What you say sounds nice, but just keep in mind that PayPal will sometimes consider the transaction complete and legitimate if something was delivered.  It doesn't have to activate or meet expectation for them to refuse to refund your money.



                                                          • 526. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                            SkipRunge Newcomer

                                                            At last.. the voice of REASON.


                                                            Thanks Philip.  I agree with you one hundred percent.

                                                            • 527. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                              philipjdavies Newcomer

                                                              Sorry if you read thier rules and rules of  Ebay they have no option but o

                                                              refund. In early days of CS4 I used this approach on 3 occasions and got instant

                                                              rebate each time.  One was for 250 pounds.

                                                              Philip Davies 

                                                              • 528. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                Noel Carboni Mythic

                                                                Just keep in mind I'm making my statement based on personal experience as well.


                                                                And keep in mind that illegitimate software may appear to work initially, and not "expire" right away, so you may well be finding yourself seeking relief after 30 or more days have passed.  With those kinds of time frames you find that refund windows have passed, feedback links no longer work...


                                                                Do you really think eBay / PayPal are reimbursing everyone for all the illegiitimate software being sold?  And make no mistake, there IS a lot of it out there.


                                                                The phrase "Buyer Beware" was invented for a reason.



                                                                • 529. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                  philipjdavies Newcomer

                                                                  If you have gone thrrough the questions and answers first and still hit problem

                                                                  then most sellers of repute will refund you anyway.


                                                                  Even Adobe allow you to unregister a copy so that you can sel it on and buyer

                                                                  can re register it.They also allow you to try any serial number given you to

                                                                  make sure its genuine before you purchase.

                                                                  Philip D


                                                                  Philip D

                                                                  • 530. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?

                                                                    I bought PS CS5 on ebay, knowing that there was a risk.

                                                                    Got the item and installed ok. The problem was when I opened it after the install,

                                                                    the pop up window appeared, says trial. I gave the serial number again and this time

                                                                    was invalid. Looks like I have less that 30 days to use as it has started to count the days remaining.


                                                                    I found out  this is a pirate when it was posted from China, even though the seller was from the US.

                                                                    I do not know too much about the computer but all I want is just to be able to use the thing!

                                                                    Can anyone tell me what I can do, please?

                                                                    • 531. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                      BobLevine Legend

                                                                      You knew there was a risk and you got suckered. All you can do now is request a refund from the seller. If he/she refuses report it to your credit card company.



                                                                      • 532. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                        Noel Carboni Mythic

                                                                        Try to get your money back from the seller, eBay, and PayPal.  Please report back here how successful you are.



                                                                        • 533. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?

                                                                          I wonder why is eBay allowing people to sell Adobe software, when people can actually go to Adobe website and get a genuine copy.


                                                                          My guess is that eBay clearly knows that most of them are pirated copies and few genuine sellers. But they just like the money they get as commission.

                                                                          • 534. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                            the_wine_snob Legend

                                                                            Yes, that would certainly have to figure into the business model, and the decision to allow such.



                                                                            • 535. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                              John T Smith Legend

                                                                              >why is eBay allowing people to sell Adobe software


                                                                              Considering the number of items on eBay (over a million a day?) there is simply no way for eBay to "police" each and every item


                                                                              Post a negative rating for the seller, with the comment they are selling pirate software

                                                                              • 536. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                                philipjdavies Newcomer

                                                                                Before you accuse anybody of selling pirate software you need to be carefull it

                                                                                is pirate. Ifv you have been caught tell Adobe about it and be prepared to back

                                                                                it up.

                                                                                hoever I can remember some years ago Adobe saying that those who obtained pirate

                                                                                vesions over 60% eventually bough genuine one and that proceeding aganst single

                                                                                pirate wasnt cost efective.

                                                                                How do you shut down asian world pirates they just vanish and open up again

                                                                                elseware. Beter to work out a system where they cant be copied.

                                                                                Just like epson have done with thier 3880. Look alike catradges are prone to

                                                                                failure due to advanced chips in thier pro catridges.

                                                                                In other words if those companies like Adobe want to stamp it out they could.


                                                                                Philip Davies

                                                                                • 537. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?
                                                                                  Zeno Bokor Ninja

                                                                                  No, they cannot as this is software, not hardware. As long as the whole program is installed on our computers it's possible to break the DRM. The only way to make software unbreakable is to have it all online which won't happen anytime soon.


                                                                                  Think of it this way, copy protection is like a lock on a box. As long as we get to store the box in our homes and do anything we want to it we'll be able to break the lock, no matter how big or sophisticated it is. And because this is software, once anybody has broken the lock the floodgates will be opened.

                                                                                  • 538. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?

                                                                                    Wow, I was just about to buy design premium from a seller on ebay.It looks so legit! I guess the price is too good to be true.


                                                                                    Thanks for the info!


                                                                                    Denise Overseed

                                                                                    • 539. Re: Thinking of buying from eBay?

                                                                                      just got one from ebay, is cheap and sometimes they ship fast.  There was one auction where I won and they never ship it to me.

                                                                                      <link removed>