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    john deere color code

      What is the best method for finding the codes for specific colors? In my case I would like to know the code for 'john deere green'

      Thanks in advance:)
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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hmm... not exactly what you asked, but there are color charts here

          HTM Color Codes http://html-color-codes.com/
          or http://www.pagetutor.com/common/bgcolors1536.html
          or http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Network/2397/
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            What code?


            RGB? CMYK? Pantone?

            Have you sampled the color using your Eyedropper Tool? During sampling, all the readouts you need will appear in the Info Palette/Panel. There, the readouts can be changed by dropping the menu(s) to be found by clicking on the tiny eyedropper icon(s). Also, after grabbing a sample, there are readouts in the Color Palette, and the (approximate) Pantone Color can be found by clicking on the "Color Libraries" button.

            I seem to recall that "John Deere Green" is a custom spot color (Just like "Coca Cola Red" and "Prudential Blue") so all you will ever do is get "close."

            Additionallyand perhaps most importantlygrabbing, and seeing and usingthe correct color can be dependent upon having a properly calibrated monitor, and being familiar with best-practice color workflow management. And that, in itself, is a subject to which much discussion and many webpages have been devoted.

            Sooooo, now that I've said all that, how savvy are you about color issues?
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              Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional
              You could ask John Deere directly here.
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                Fishgriddle Level 1
                Thanks for your suggestions. I am very very new at this and have no idea as to the complexity of my question. I was hoping someone would jsut say 'oh its *****' but looks like that will not happen.

                I will do my best to get it close with the eye dropper I suppose.

                Very briefly, can someone tell me what panatone means, I am trying to learn this app as I go.
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                  D. McCahill Level 2
                  Pantone is a color scheme for describing colors. There are about 2000 different colors, numbered. The company prints samples on different types of paper, and sells them.

                  This means that an advertiser no longer has to say ... give me a real punchy red, leaving a printer to try and guess what makes a red "punchy". Instead the print salesman hands the proper set of swatches to the advertiser, telling him to pick out a "punch red". The advertiser chooses Pantone 199, and this tells the printer to mix an ink that will match his copy of the swatch.

                  It also means that the advertiser can no longer claim that the color was wrong and refuse to pay if it matches the swatch.
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                    Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional
                    Pantone home page.

                    While Pantone is branching out to other areas such as textiles, they are most known for their "Pantone Matching System", or PMS (they no longer use that name).

                    Pantone sells ink to commercial printers, and also Formula Guide swatch books. For instance, a rather "John Deere-like" color is #355. The printer would mix 13 parts Pantone Green, 3 parts Pantone Yellow, and 1/4 part Pantone Black.

                    The swatch books are expensive, but worth it if you're doing any design work.

                    You can access the Pantone colors via the Photoshop color picker. In the upper right corner of the picker, click the "Color Libraries" button, and you'll see the vrious Pantone libraries, as well as some others. To go back to the regular picker, click th "Picker" button.
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                      According to their annual report: 82c 28m 98y 14k, which is roughly PMS 364.
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                        Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Or go to a John Deer dealer and get a small can of paint.  You can either spray some paint onto paper and scan it in or just use the paint cap since it is already John Deer green. You now have a sample that you can use your eyedropper on.