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    Photoshop CS4 Clone Stamp Tool behavior

      I installed CS4 on a Dual Pentium Xeon 2.4ghz Compaq W8000 system with 3GB of RD 800mhz RAM and Windows XP Pro w/SP3 and all updates. The video card is a ATI Radion AGP-3855 w/512 GDDR3 RAM with latest drivers.

      When using the clone stamp tool, after making a sourse selection there is a "trail" that follows the cursor to the destination (similar to using a mouse trail so you can tell where the cursor is on a notebook computer)

      When the cursor slows down at the stamp destination the "trail" catches up and covers the destination with the sourse "patch" not allowing precise targeting. It is so cumbersome to use as to make the clone stamp tool almost unusable. The density of the "patch" is not affected by opacity settings.

      Is this a new behaviour for this tool in CS4? And if so can it be turned off? Do I have a problem unique to my system?