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    TOC and Index gone

    Boggym Level 1
      I was returning to a project where I had to do some modifications, and the TOC and the Index were gone. They were having a red X each and that is all.
      Does anybody have any idea how I could recover the old TOC and Index?
      Could I eventually import them from another copy?
      Thank you!
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          This is normally caused by the RH topics being deleted. moved or renamed from outside of RH. You'll have to amend the entries to the correct topic or restore the RH topics back to their previous state. If you right click on a TOC/Index entry and select Properties, you will see the file to which the TOC/Index entry is linked. Does this help?
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            Boggym Level 1
            It is not the case.
            After I finished the project, the last thing I did to it was to copy it to another location, and nobody but me has access to that. I did not delete deliberately the TOC and Index. So, I was thinking that it happened to somebody else, and therefore I was asking for an opinion.
            As it looks that nobody experienced this till now, I can offer you my solution to it. I was doing translations to the original project in English, so I took the original .xpj file from the English project and copied it with a different name in the directory of the translated project. I just had to change the language of the project. Everything else was as they should have.