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    Getting Dynamic Text To Act Like Static Text

    alan arthur Level 1
      Hi, need help.

      I currently have 7 text/symbols that each move to the right when a button beneath expands in a mouseover.event.
      Working fine.

      With one exception: I need to set the text value of that text dynamically using loadVars (the text is dates that vary).

      No problem, I can do that with dynamic text, except for a few somewhat ugly problems.

      Problem 1 - I want the text just to display. The dynamic text gets the I-Beam mouse cursor.

      Problem 2 - Dynamic text lets the user select some or all of the text, which then shows in highlighted color.

      I don't want the user to have any interaction with the text, and I'd like to have the "hand" mouse pointer over it, which carries through from the button underneath, just like the static text currently does.

      I've tried the label component, but when you move it, it evaluates the HTML that sets the color too slowly, so you only see the start and end points. I've tried on (load) and on (draw), and the text looks like it's taking a huge hop from starting point to ending point, instead of moving gracefully across the real estate (default is black, html makes it white).

      Any idea how I can get text to move, to format, to get its text at startup and still look like and act like it's the text on top of a button?

      I'd very much appreciate any help!

      Thank you. Sign me stymied! :-)

      Alan Arthur Katz