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    Who wants to be a moderator for LiveDocs 2.0?

      As some of you may have heard, we’re doing something quite a bit different this cycle with documentation. The changes can be summarized as community, community, and community:

      - inclusion of links to external websites (like yours!) in Help

      - inclusion of external websites in search results, through the Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) service

      - inclusion of non-Adobe personnel in the group of folks with the ability to moderate LiveDocs comments and submissions to the CSE

      The moderation tasks primarily consist of clicking Accept or Reject for incoming comments and suggesting good resources for the database of web addresses that can be searched using the Custom Search Engine. These tasks shouldn’t take more than an hour per week.

      Why, then, are we asking for help if the job is so small? We think that y’all are likely to know about resources that we internal Adobe folks don’t. This is especially the case regarding resources in languages other than English and Japanese. Also, by extending the power to suggest content to non-Adobe folks, we think that we prove the truth of the statement that we’re willing to put non-Adobe resources on equal footing with our own---at least with regard to search.

      To preview the community help search engine, see the following link. It currently defaults to Acrobat Help, but you can redirect it to AIR and search for an AIR feature or class (for example) to see what kind of results you get.


      Please let us know if you’d like to be a moderator or if you have questions about it.

      Thanks everyone,
      Adobe Platform Learning Resources Team
      Adobe Systems, Inc.