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    Problem with Translated Help Files

    Mary N Level 1
      Hi all --

      I am technical writer who works in RoboHelp 7.0, and we send all our help to a translation house off-site. When we received our latest batch of files back, we found that all of our drop-down text boxes do not contain the translated help - they are blank in Design View. However, when we look at the HTML code, the text is there but there seems to be a lot of added javascript code interspersed with the original text. In order to fix this problem, we would have to recreate all the drop-down text boxes, which is a time-consuming task.

      Has anyone experienced this problem? Why would the HTML change for translation? Is there some setting that our translation house needs to set to ensure that we get our content back correctly?

      Thank you!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          There was a problem with dropdowns on upgrading to RH7 where they could open blank. That was fixed in a patch so I am wondering if you have updated to 7.0.2 and your translation house has not. I don't know that opening in an unpatched version after upgrade would have the same problem, just offering it as a possibility.

          Otherwise I think you need to be working with the translation house to work out how they undertake the translation in the hope if identifies what went wrong.