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    Too small window size in standalone flash player in FLEX


      I have unchecked the option "generate html wrapper file" so I don't have to bother about closing the browser tab each time I make a small change to the code and rerun the application.

      This works fine as the standalone flash player closes when I terminate the application from Flex. However, the standalone flash player always starts in a fixed window size smaller than my application size so that I cannot see the whole application. So I have to enlarge the window size of the standalone flash player each time which is annoying!

      Is there a better solution?

      Maybe get Flex to close the browser tab after I terminate the application. I still prefer to use the standalone flash player during development as my application doesn't depend on the browser though.
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          Flex 3 - About the Flex development tools:
          Adobe Flex Software Development Kit (SDK) primarily provide XML files that you use ... When you use the debugger version of Flash Player or start your AIR
          Link: http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/building_overview_2.html

          Adobe - Flex 3:
          While Flex applications can be built using only the free Flex SDK, developers can use ... Alert This content requires Flash. Download Flash Player now
          Link: http://www.adobe.com/products/flex/

          Flex.org - Rich Internet Application Development:
          I would like to extract data from my Flex application to a CSV file for loading into Excel. However, the current Flash player does not allow direct access
          Link: http://flex.org/

          Adobe - Flex Developer Center:
          Supports visual and code-centric development, code hinting, visual debugging, and so forth. Includes the Flex 3 SDK and Flash Player 9.
          Link: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/

          moockblog: Flash Player 9, Flex 2, ActionScript 3.0: A Survey of:
          Flash Player 9's main new feature is full support for ActionScript 3.0 (but older ... Flex Builder 2 also includes a development framework known as the Flex
          Link: http://www.moock.org/blog/archives/000189.html

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