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    problems with serverbased profiles

      hello out there

      i have a problem with serverbased profiles.

      when i want to install robohelp 7 he interupts with an error like: i could not install, because there is a wrong character in the path of the Documents. ??? the problem seems to be the serverbased profile os the server bases home directory ! we have \\SID\HOME$\PCS-NID\Documents . this is a path to a server bases home directory. i think the " $ " character is the problem !!! does anyone has installed robohelb on a environment with serverbased home dir´s ? is there any workarounf available ?


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum

          You cannot install RH to a server.

          1] It is a breach of the licence.

          2] It is designed to work only on a client PC.

          Resistance is futile. :-)

          Sorry but RH must be installed on the user's PC.

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            yes, i know that rh7 only works on a client.

            but i doesnot want to install the rh7 on a server. the komplete installation will be on the
            client, only the "Documents" folder is on the server, therefore the installation doesnot
            work. but why ? the rest of the complete installation is on the client !

            PLEASE HELP !!!

            THANKS, alex
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Sorry but I am not clear on what you are trying to do. OK you are installing RH to a client PC and normally once that starts, it completes without any further prompting.

              Are you saying that the user profile is on a server rather than being on the C drive? If you are, I am not sure whether or how you can work around that. I think that question is one you would probably need to go to support to ask.

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                MergeThis Level 4
                I believe Alex's IT peeps set up their users' My Documents folder as a server-based folder.

                This is a conundrum that has been covered many times in this forum, and that always ends badly: hand-to-hand combat with your HelpDesk!

                Alex, not only does your RH app have to be installed and run on your client machine, but so do your RH projects have to be edited on your client machine. Although you must also then generate your output on your client machine, you can ultimately publish that generated output to a server.

                To recap, a server can only be used to:

                * Store copies of source files (for backup purposes)
                * Receive published versions of output file

                Good luck,