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    RH crash

      With RoboHelp ver7.0 and using Win2000 opening the .mpj results in:
      "Open project was cancelled or RoboHelp was unable to load database"

      When I try to "create a new project" then press "finish" the application crashes. This used to work on the system. Tried loading RoboHelp on a WinXp box and get the same crash. Any suggestions?

      Renaming the .mpj to .mdb allows me to use MS Acess and view info. Deleting the .mpj and using the .hhp was no help. Permission on the directory are fully open and its on a local drive.
        • 1. RH crash
          nospam34534 Level 1
          System had been upgraded with more RAM (256+256). After removing one stick its working again.
          RoboHelpHTML 7.0 does not like 512MB RAM. Tested on Win 2000, XP, Win2003 (even using WSRM).

          Any recomendation on current tools similar to this?