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    How to view the "blue menubar" by default?

      Hello all, I'm a new user to the community, and look forward to interacting with some of you.

      I should first note that as a Developer, I have no hands-on experience with RH. Our Documentation team is making use of RH to display context-sensitive help on our product, and it looks great!

      I do have one question. When a help link is clicked, how do I enable the blue bar at the top? (FYI: Link)

      Right now, it just displays a "Show" link at the top. Once clicked, it will show the TOC along with the blue menubar. When I hide the TOC, the blue menubar stays put (with the Contents, Index, Search buttons), and this is the default starting point I would like to have (instead of just the "Show" hyperlink).

      Is there an .htm file I can manually edit to include this blue menubar? Perhaps the .htm output file after the online help is generated?

      Any info would be great - thanks in advance for any time taken to respond.