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    Datagrid Drag and Drop

      Hi, all. I have been trying to figure this one out the last day or so. Any thoughts or pointers would be appreciated.

      I have a datagrid with columns col1, col2, col3. Right now there are 4 rows with text in the col1 column. These are row1, 2, 3, 4. I have a little icon above this datagrid. The user would drag the icon onto the grid over the cells under either col2 or 3 across from the appropriate row and drop it. So it might be col 2, row 3. I can get the drag to work and the drop drops it, but I cannot figure out to know which cell I was over on the drop.

      The end result of this matrix would be that you would have a reponsibilty list down column 1 and a series of columns containing the various people, like a PM, developer, etc. The drag and drop item would be a set of different roles in regard to the responsibility / people.

      So, you might have a Responsibility of 'Determines Timeline' in the first column and the next columns meet be 'PM' and 'Developer'. You would "drag" the correct role into the cell for each. The role might be "Primary Decision Maker" or "Executes Work".

      Thanks. Gary