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    Graphics not appearing

      Using older RoboHelp 4.1

      When I generate a primary layout of my project and then access certain topics the graphics do not appear.

      If I access other topics the graphics are there. If I then look at a topic that does not present the graphics and then return to this topic the graphics do not appear.

      I can only close and reopen to get some graphics to appear.

      Probably not the best way to ask but ask me for clarification and I will respond.
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          Hello ChatMatt,

          I am not sure I fully understand the issue that you are facing, but hopefully I can be of assistance anyways. Try looking at the image properties in the browser to see if it is pointing to a correct location. In Internet Explorer, you would do this by:

          1) Right click on the image placeholder.
          2) Select properties.
          3) Verify that the URL is correct.

          Other things that you can check:
          * Can you open this image in a browser manually (File>Open>browse to the image)?
          * Is this image a valid web image? By this I mean jpeg or gif format, RGB colors (not CMYK). If you use Photoshop, you can open the image and use the Save for Web feature to be certain you are outputting a valid web image format.

          I hope this helps.


          Bobby W
          Adobe Customer Care