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    Removing Adobe Gamma

    Dave_Evanson Newcomer
      I have just installed a Spyder 3 Pro on my PC and couldnt find any uninstall for Adobe Gamma. The PC is running XP Pro (32 bit SP3) and I have CS4 and CS2 installed.

      To remove Adobe Gamma I took the following steps after I had installed the Spyder software but before calibrating:
      1. Removed the shortcuts to Adobe Gamma and Adobe Gamma Loader from the start-up folder.
      2. Removed Adobe Gamma Loader.exe and Adobe Gamma.cpl from the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Calibration.

      There didnt appear to be any remove feature in the control panel, but the Gamma control panel now doesnt appear in the control panel and the PC reboots without any errors.

      Was this the correct procedure or was there a better way to do it?
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          dave milbut Champion
          >Was this the correct procedure or was there a better way to do it?

          just removing the loader from the startup would have been fine.
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            Dave_Evanson Newcomer
            Thanks I wasnt sure if there was anything to clean out in the registry, but as it all appears to be working its probably best left alone.

            The calibration was close to what I had achieved with Adobe Gamma, but a little less saturated. This probably explains why prints usually came out less saturated than I was expecting the grey scale calibration was much better than I had achieved by eye.