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    Quicktime problem


      Shockwave movie does not show Qicktime or any other video format when placed on a remote server. The same Shockwave movie does show the Quicktime movie when played from a local drive. When a Quicktime streaming progress sprite is used, the sprite indicates 1 then 2 then 3 ........to 100 but no quicktime movie appears.
      Method used
      Create folder in local drive eg "my folder".
      Create new Director file eg "my movie"(dir). and save to folder "my folder".
      In "my movie"(dir) create new extenal cast eg "my extenal cast"(cst).
      Import Quicktime movie eg " my quicktime movie" (mov) into my external cast (cst).
      Import "my quicktime movie" from external cast into timeline of "my movie" (dir)
      Modify movie Xtras to include Quicktime Xtra "QT6 Asset X 32.
      Publish Skockwave movie eg "my shockwave movie" (dcr) and html file. Use default setings except "Use external cast files". The Shockwave movie plays in a browser and shows the Quicktime movie.
      Upload "my folder" containing (dir),(dcr),(cst),(mov),(cct), and (html) to remote sever.
      Open internet explorer and navigate to appropriate URL
      Shockwave movie plays, quicktime streaming sprite progresses from 1 to 100, but no Quicktime movie shows.