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    add or remove rows to a datagrid?

    twistedpancreas Level 1
      Hi there I've been trying to find a tutorial on how to add or remove rows to a datagrid and have only found this tutorial...


      which is great because it shows how to add columns to a datagrid, but how do you add and remove rows to the datagrid?

      I'm trying to I'm trying to come up with a Character Generator for our Tabletop Wargame (see here http://www.twistedpancreas.com/test/characterGeneration.html), and rows to appear when you say click on a Weapon like Fist and then onto another weapon (Fist only works atm as a demo).

      ie how could i format it so it was like a table (because at the moment the Fist stats are formatted with spacebar spaces), and how could i make it so that when you choose your 1st weapon it appears 1st in the table (say a Bow), and when you click your 2nd weapon it appears 2nd in the table (say a Sword), etc...

      Thanks in advance.