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    Error Code 148:3 - Photoshop CS4 for Windows

      I have a message that comes up whenever I try to open Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended.

      "Licensing for this product has stopped working.

      This product has encountered a problem which requires that you restart your computer before it can be launched

      If you continue to see this message after restarting your computer, please contact either your IT administrator or Adobe technical support for help, and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen.

      Error 148:3


      I restarted several times but I still get the error. How do I fix this?

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          John T Smith ACP/MVP
          This is a user to user forum, not Adobe support... so you might want to call Adobe
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            SG... Adobe Employee
            hi Aaron,

            You can try the suggestions from this KB doc (link below) as well, before calling Tech Support.


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              John Joslin Community Member
              John T Smith

              I think you overdo it a bit mate!
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                Community Member
                I went there but whenever I click on a solution it just takes me back to the same page. Hrm.
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                  SG... Adobe Employee
                  Right, the solution links are all on the same page. The link just sets the scroll so the section is at the top.
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                    John T Smith ACP/MVP
                    >I think you overdo it a bit mate!

                    The OP said the message told him to call Adobe tech support

                    He did not SAY he had called Adobe and their tech support could not help

                    Sometimes, the given instructions are the best place to start... especially when the problem concerns a license (or activation) which would SEEM to be fixed only by Adobe
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                      wssparky Community Member

                      I dont know if you fixed it yet but this is what I did to fix the same problem.

                      The repair tool from Adobe worked great.



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                        thank you so much for your suggestion. i got this message right after i purchased my product and couldn't figure out what i did wrong. i went to that link, and ran the Licensing Repair Tool and now all of my Adobe CS4 products function correctly.


                        thanks again



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                          Thanks, your instructions helpd me alot

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                            Thanks so much for that link -- I had a problem 1 week after installing CS4 and this fix worked a treat.

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                              jazzcat88 Community Member

                              wow...wssparky  thanks a TON. I got the adobe error today and it was driving me INSANE. I *think* the problem had to do with my having to disable all my startup stuff in Windows7 to fix a problem I was having updating some other Microsoft software. Anyway MS said  disable everything using the msconfig and it was after that when Adobe stopped functioning (my McAfee is having an issue as well) properly.


                              At any rate I got the adobe "fix" and it worked GREAT!


                              I was NOT having any luck to begin with by going to the support area at adobe.com (HEY ADOBE PEOPLE>> TAKE NOTE)


                              searching "support" for the error code tells me "Your search of Support for error 148:3 did not match any documents." which I find interesting


                              so I finally googled the error code and found this thread.


                              now a word to those who are less than kind in their posts and make people feel  stupid for asking the question here...I would submit these forums are for us (the users) to help each other (read: be nice to each other) so we can USE the software we OWN.


                              I'm frankly disappointed that going to the Adobe "SUPPORT" was fruitless. MY problem was with the CS4 suite: I own the master collection which wasn't exactly cheap....it wold be nice if I, as a customer was able to at least FIND Adobe's OWN error code on their support section.



                              again... thanks to wssparky

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                                I had this error message yesterday, ironically, and the Adobe repair tool worked fabulously. I was getting a little worried when this happened, but the repair tool did what it was supposed to do perfectly.

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                                  dec9 Community Member

                                  No need to think that turning off the start up programs in Msconfig was the problem. It was the problem. Start up contains the main action for starting up the DRM for Adobe that is found in services. If you uncheck the wrong thing in startup, at least photoshop, will not run. Not sure about the rest of the Master Collection.


                                  So next time you call a tech support up (lets say McAfee) and they tell you to turn off Startup items to troubleshoot just remember to go back in startup and turn the Adobe stuff back on and reboot. Otherwise it will be fun city all over again.

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                                    wssparky Community Member

                                    I wanted to update with some information.

                                    I found that if you use a clean up tool like "Window Washer" it removes the Licenses Records for all Adobe Products.

                                    Some other anti virus and clean up tools do the same.

                                    If you can find the folder with the info, set these tools to ignore it.

                                    Otherwise you'll have to run the License Repair after each cleaning. 


                                    I'm glad everyone is getting some use out of this. I know I was at my wits end when i found it.

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                                      dec9 Community Member

                                      Wondering how many people, over the years with Adobe license issues, used Window Washer but didn't post that fact in their post........

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                                        Fmdpa2 Community Member

                                        That makes sense, because the error occurred for me during a system AVG


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                                          dec9 Community Member

                                          If you do a forum search AVG has a bad history with PS CS4.

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                                            Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  This worked like a charm!  I'm back in business.

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                                              Fmdpa2 Community Member

                                              I've been having problems with CS4 lately. I installed it about 2 months

                                              ago and it worked perfectly. A couple days ago, I opened Photoshop, and

                                              it gave me an error code that my serial number was invalid. I thought it

                                              might have been the licensing error, so I tried that solution. It didn't

                                              work. I tried to open CS4 again, and it didn't even open the program. It

                                              gave me a window that said: "Run on a 30 day trial basis" or: "Enter

                                              your serial number here:". I entered my serial number from the back of

                                              my CS4 DVD case, and it said that it was INVALID! Why would it have been

                                              valid 2 months ago, but doesn't work now? I contacted Adobe support, but

                                              they have not gotten back to me.

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                                                dec9 Community Member

                                                Maybe someone got ahold of your serial number and has been using it or passing it a round. The Authentication server will detect this and turn it off.

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                                                  Fmdpa2 Community Member

                                                  Who do I contact to fix this? I had a very hard time finding a way to

                                                  contact Adobe, and what I did may not have been the right thing.

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                                                    dec9 Community Member

                                                    Try this link for activation problems:



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                                                      Fmdpa2 Community Member

                                                      That's actually what I tried, but I have not yet recieved a reply.

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                                                        I know you might well have solved this by now, but for any one els this

                                                        is is how i solved this problem on windows xp sp3 using indesign cs4


                                                        got to start on bottom of screen, then click on run, enter service.msc

                                                        on the list that now opens goto the line "flexnet licensing service" double click to open - make sure that the startup type is set to manual. then apply this and close. after i did this i could start indesign OK.


                                                        I know this is a forum and not tech support , but when you get lost around these sites like me, then like tesco, "every little helps"

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                                                          Fmdpa2 Community Member

                                                          I'll try this. Thanks!

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                                                            junior mx-er

                                                            Thank you wsssparky!  I too had the problem (because of a problem yesterday another company's support had me clean up all the hidden startup programs in msconfig).

                                                            All I had was the mysterious 148:3 with the error asking me to restart the machine! (Thanks--that's 5 min. down the drain.)

                                                            Ran the licenserecover program and restarted Dreamweaver CS4.  Perfect!

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                                                              I have recently been cleaning up some of the programs in my computer in the hopes of getting it to load faster (bad idea for me). Photoshop was giving me the error message 148:3 and telling me to restart the computer. After reading these posts, I realized I had unchecked several startup services, one of which was FLEXnet Licensing service. When I rechecked this service and restarted the computer, Photoshop started without the error message. Problem solved - thanks to some of you on this forum!

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                                                                I also had the 148:3 error with Acrobat Pro 9 on a terminal server

                                                                and found that the Flexnet service wasn't running. Started it again and now Pro

                                                                works fine. Thanks to TC4444 and dwjak30 for steering me in the right


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                                                                  Hi to all,


                                                                  I face the same problem with Error Code (148:3) and I installed it on Windows 7 , 32-bit Operating system.


                                                                  Please help!



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                                                                    Did you run the program at the link from wssparky?

                                                                    • 32. Re: Error Code 148:3
                                                                      Noel Carboni Community Member

                                                                      Download the software from Adobe.com and pay for it.


                                                                      Stop trying to steal things!  Shall we come to your house and just take your car?



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                                                                        tc4444 Community Member

                                                                        Don,t know what your problem is


                                                                        Noel Carboni but I have a fully paid copy of the programme that I purchased direct from Adobe. Just because


                                                                        People have turned off the licenced option under msconfig does not make them a thief


                                                                        - next time you want to make such accusations i suggest you get a good lawyer, as a small business


                                                                        Owner who pays his way for everything I can do without a self important big mouth


                                                                        like you making such comments.

                                                                        • 34. Re: Error Code 148:3
                                                                          Noel Carboni Community Member

                                                                          Note specifically who I responded to.  Hint:  It wasn't you.


                                                                          As a small business owner myself who sells software, you might try to imagine my own sensitivity to the subject.



                                                                          • 35. Re: Error Code 148:3
                                                                            anton20032002 Community Member

                                                                            Hey buddy,


                                                                            I do not know about your intentions but I have a fully paid copy of the programme which I purchased direct from Adobe. The other link which I refered to is another program I have found through the web because the primary one has the same Error Code 148:3.



                                                                            • 36. Re: Error Code 148:3
                                                                              Noel Carboni Community Member

                                                                              My intent is to make it clear that I for one don't tolerate piracy or stealing software.


                                                                              If I have offended you or anyone using a legal license I'm sorry.  But people shouldn't need praise for doing things legally, and if you ARE using legally licensed software then I'm sure you understand and agree.


                                                                              Just keep in mind that people legitimately trying to work out licensing issues don't generally frequent warez and file sharing sites known to distribute cracked software, and your having posted that link identifies you as, at the very least, someone interested in those sites.


                                                                              If you go walking on the seedy side of town, don't be surprised when people who see you associate you with your surroundings.



                                                                              • 37. Re: Error Code 148:3
                                                                                GrootLensDude Community Member

                                                                                Here is a link to another solution that works perfectly without having to download anything - http://jaredheinrichs.com/photoshop-cs4-error-1483.html

                                                                                It's really strange, I never had this problem with a hacked version of photoshop, when my business went big and I could afford Photoshop I bought it to have a legal copy, new computer new installation and I started having problems, maybe Adobe should get hackers to RE-PROGRAM their faulty apps to actually work..

                                                                                • 38. Re: Error Code 148:3
                                                                                  dec9 Community Member

                                                                                  Using stolen software to make your business sucessful?


                                                                                  You must have skipped class when they taught that part in business ethics.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Error Code 148:3
                                                                                    GrootLensDude Community Member

                                                                                    Thank you for misreading what I actually wrote and so says someone who most likely lives in the good ol USA and who benefits from her good fortune. Try living in poverty where you make no money while trying to be honest, it just doesn't work that way my friend. At least I ended up actually buying the software when I could (while almost going bankrupt in the process) and unfortunately I would not say that I have reached a level of success that you speak of, maybe one day. Not to mention that Adobe hikes up proces if you don't live in the US. Lightroom cost us $50 more that you would pay.


                                                                                    My actual rant was that bought software is usually buggy vs hacked software, no that's a sad fact.

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