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    IIS requirements for robohelp v7

      What modules need to be enable in IIS for robohelp? Is it just web services or does ftp need to be present?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
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          Please note that there are multiple products. There is RoboHelp Office, which consists of RoboHelp for Word, RoboHelp HTML and some other applications. Then you have RoboHelp Server. A component that one installs on a server running IIS.

          So the first question here is to narrow down whether you are referring to RoboHelp Office or RoboHelp Server. If you are wondering about RoboHelp Office, it is oblivious to IIS. But I do believe IIS is required if you are referring to RoboHelp Server. Unfortunately, I'm unclear on what modules of IIS would need to be enabled.

          Cheers... Rick