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    Brush Pallate Organization Tools

    PimpOfPixels Level 1
      I find my brush palette is always chaotic to the point where it slows me down and I don't use the brush palette as much as I would otherwise. I've got a lot of Ideas for improvements I'd like. I hope you find some of them interesting. Thanks -Rory-

      Save over Brush functionality.
      Oh my goodness, what I wouldn't give for this simple thing. When you create a new brush from a pixel pattern, it is created with sort of default settings. These are always very wrong for the brush you're trying to make. That's fine, how could it guess ;). But then you modify the brushes properties a bunch. Then you save that. Now you've got two copies of the brush hanging around. Then you use it for a while and make some more changes: save that brush. Before long you've always got two or three copies of the brush hanging around. Then you've got to go back to the primary brush palette and do some house cleaning.
      I'd love if there was some way to save over an existing brush. I only need like 30 brushes hanging around at one time, so I'd save over them all the time as I perfect them. Being able to save over brushes would really help my ability to get some muscle memory or actions hotkeys perfected.

      Tablet_Button --> 'Click' -->'Brush Menu' delete button.
      Sort of related to the previous suggestion. It would be nice if I could delete a brush from the 'Wacom tablet button' 'brush menu'.

      Brush size memory:
      This is sort of out there but...
      It would be preferable to me if the individual brushes remembered the size they were at the last time you were using them. I know this goes against some of the brush conventions where the size of the brush is part of why the brush exists. Personally, I use the bracket keys for changing the brush size 99% of the time, and only change brushes for texture. It would be nice if the individual brushes remembered what their size was the last time you were using them. In a work flow, you may have a cloud brush you're using for a scene. It's default size isn't right initially for the drawing you're working on, but it's only a few clicks away form being so. You use it for a bit, and then go back to work on the mountains. You switch to you "mountain brush". It too isn't right for the mountains in question so you shrink it down (or up). Then you're frequently switching between these two brushes, and every time you have to re-scale the brush.
      Not a huge deal, but it is sort of a pain. Either having the brush size remain constant regardless of the brush selection ( i guess some sort of a lock on brush radius) or individual brush memory for sizes would be sweet.

      Thanks for reading.

      Keep up the great work.

      -Rory lane lutter-
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          harry teasley Level 1
          You're asking for editable presets, for starters. Chris Cox and I went at this hammer and tongs a few years ago. For what it's worth, I agree with you. Presets used to be editable, but around 6.0 they stopped being editable, and it has been Much Worse since then. It is nothing if not a horrific workaround: make a new brush, delete the old one, yay, I have emulated editable presets. Just let me edit the preset and resave it.

          And disassociating brush size with the preset, that's also something I would dearly love. Global brush size across tools (so switching from brush to eraser maintains brush size, as that is my desire more often than wanting disparate brush sizes between them), and being able to have presets that don't have the brush size locked to them. I would like to have size and spacing not get hard-coded into every brush preset.

          Both of these get asked for fairly regularly. Someday, we may wear them down.
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            PimpOfPixels Level 1
            That was a very articulate summary of my requests.

            I'm sure that they're plenty busy with all sorts of features, and that they've got a wider understanding of the needs of the overall user base (not just us hardcore Photoshop enthusiasts)

            Still, I can't think of a good argument against my 2nd suggestion. If the intended workflow is as you said (create new, delete old) then it would be nice to have a delete function from the brush select pop-up.
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              You do have a delete (same with all the other preset pickers): option click.

              But I don't know what you mean by the "Wacom tablet button brush menu".
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                PimpOfPixels Level 1
                I suppose it's just the right click brush menu.

                I was looking for a drag-to trash can.

                However, upon further investigation I discovered that there is a right click delete, which is good enough.

                Also, shift-select would be handy for deleting multiple brushes.
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                  PimpOfPixels Level 1
                  Yeah Chris, I'm going to make a lot of suggestions. If I occasionally suggest redundant functionality, just ignore it.

                  Although I do appreciate being corrected, when I've failed to find something in the interface.

                  There is one intrinsic problem with the create and delete system of managing brushes, and it's that the position of the brushes in the editor is constantly shuffling around, and the names are always changing. This makes it harder to get muscle memory or to setup action keys.

                  Personally I've got my F2 through F11 keys setup with actions for custom brushes, so it's a hassle wherever I change one of those.
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                    PimpOfPixels Level 1
                    And thanks for reading these.

                    Really, I owe so much professionally to photoshop, that I figured suggestions such as these would be a way to give something back.

                    These comments are meant to help you guys, not stress you out.
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                      rory - you do know that you can reorganize/reorder the brushes in the preset manager, right?

                      We are looking at ways to improve the brush organization and UI right now.
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                        John Joslin Level 6
                        I know this has been said before but, if you must have zillions of brushes, save them out in sets according to type, which you can load as required.
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                          PimpOfPixels Level 1
                          I hadn't used the brush-moving aspect of the preset manager, and I didn't know it existed. Thanks.

                          Upon trying it out though, it's not very useful for me because there is no brush preview. This makes it hard to figure out which brush must be deleted, because many bushes employ identical patterns and are only different in the ways they use the dynamics.
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                            rory - just change the brush preview type (in the menu) to show the stroke preview.
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                              PimpOfPixels Level 1
                              Oh, cool.

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                                Jeff S GP2 Level 1
                                I agree having the brush change back to its default size, each time a new one is selected is incredibly annoying.
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                                  bluefire777 Level 1

                                  in the brushes palette you can list brushes by thumbnail, or thumb and name list, but there all mixed up, I`d like an option in that space to have ready to open drop down nameable folder icons, so you can group your brushes into sets for easy access, knowing what paintings those brush sets were for because I named the folder after that painting... this may cause a memory issue ? if you have 100`s of brushes...

                                  I would like to be able to shift/alt copy and paste brushes between folders this way quickly...


                                  I find the brush sets useful in the drop down tab, but you cannot see at a quick glance what is inside those sets..

                                  Even if the folders were located inside the brush preset manager, so we could click to open and view each folder in there...

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                                    bluefire777 Level 1



                                    in the brush preset manager when you add a brush set, you can only do so one at a time and append from there, this is slow and annoying,

                                    I`d like to be able to shift/ctrl click multiple brush presets and load them all at once, then I can shift/ctrl click to choose brushes for saving to a new set from there...