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    Combo Paint Tool

    PimpOfPixels Level 1
      I've an idea for a brush tool that could be very powerful.

      What I'd like would be to be able to have a tool that combined the effects of several tools at once.

      How to use this new tool:
      Oil Paint:
      A combo- brush that 1st smudges and then allies a typical brush.

      A combo-brush that applies the foreground color, then applies a dodge tool on highlights, then applies a speckle tool set to backgound color.

      You could create a brush that used foreground color for the tops of the leaves, and the background color for the bottom of the leaves.

      Complex ground:
      You could layer several different sizes of brushes at once. Say you're painting a patch of cracked earth. You've got the large cracks as a large brush with a very wide spacing, then you've got a bumpy brush to add texture to the dirt, then you've got a grain brush for the micro details. Then you add grainy dodge and burn tools at the end to add color frequency.
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          sfjedi Level 1

          These sound like very specific effects you are trying to achieve. Are you saying that you want the freedom to create your own very specific combo effect tools or that you want these particular ones integrated into PS? Or are you saying both? That they should create the tool and have your listed effects as the first choices, to allow people to see the powerful use that it can be, but still allowing them to create their own?


          I think it sounds like an interesting request. It would definitely take some development time. I could see myself using a tool such as this.

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            PimpOfPixels Level 1

            There are a lot of effects that I've wanted to achieve over the years.


            1: Ability to use foreground color and backgrond color within one brush using different mask regions.


            2: The ability to have a smudge tool applied at the same time as a brush.


            I figure that the more photoshop-style way to do it would be to have some sort of open ended combo-brush editor. It would essentially allow you to use any combination of brush/smudge/dodge/burn/etc. tools at the same time.


            It's a big request. There's no question that implementing something like this would be an archetectural nightmare, but it would be really cool.

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              sfjedi Level 1

              PimpOfPixels wrote:


              There's no question that implementing something like this would be an archetectural nightmare, but it would be really cool.


              I wouldn't say that it's an architectural nightmare, but it would definitely take some time.


              I also think you should elaborate more specifically on each tool that you want. These short descriptions are hard to grasp.


              For the purposes of this feature request, I totally support it, but if you actually want Adobe to implement this I think it deserves a much better explanation. Actually, I understand the 2nd tool perfectly, but the 1st one has me confused.