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      This isn't so much about adding a feature, but creating a new version of Photoshop specific to Texturing. I love the power of Photoshop, but the workflow isn't always condusive to texturing. The biggest change I would love to see is a node based hierarchy with multiple comps with assigned file outputs. This way it would be easy to for example use an element as a mask on a node in the diffuse comp and then use it has part of the diffuse on the bump comp. Then with assigned comp outputs you could simply hit save rather than restore layer comps and then manually save out each comp. Which is annoying to do over and over.
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          dave milbut Level 4
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            I was hoping you'd request a nice tiling-preview mode or the like


            That said, a node based hierarchy sounds very useful. But fear you're looking at completely other software. Or after effects. Or Combustion. They do that non-destructive non-linear thing wonderfully.

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              Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

              Best not to encourage them to make 10 different versions of Photoshop. It will lead to more grief for the customer than anything else.


              Smart Objects I believe are going to be extended in the future. It may be possible for example with external linking and auto-updates, to engineer Photoshop in a more powerful way to do what you want in the future.


              Whenever I've worked in gaming environments I've seen people doing complex and file heavy tasks, without even knowing how automation and Actions work. An appreciation of how much a knowledge of these things could streamline workflow is essential. A great deal of what you need may already be there, without you realising it. Element  and file hierarchies agreed no, thats not there.

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                harry teasley Level 1

                You want Substance from Allegorithmic. What you describe is not really something PS was designed to do.