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    Save for web

    Joseph Elfelt Level 1
      I would like to write an action that would use "save for web" and optimize the file size to 200KB (or whatever file size I pick).

      Presently I can only use JPG 'quality' in my action and this results in files that have different file sizes.

      Instead of different file sizes, I want the file sizes to all be about the same. I realize that the resulting jpg quality may vary from pic to pic.
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          John Joslin Level 6
          This is not a feature request, which is what this secion of the forum is intended for.

          You can save for formats other than JPG and you can save for a target size. From Photoshop Help:

          Compress a web graphic to a specific file size

          1. Choose File > Save For Web & Devices.
          2. Click a tab at the top of the Save For Web & Devices dialog box to select a display option: Optimized, 2‑Up, or 4‑Up. If you select 4‑Up, select the preview you want to optimize.
          3. (Optional) Select the slices you want to optimize and the file format you want to use.
          4. Select Optimize To File Size from the Optimize menu (to the right of the Settings menu).
          5. Enter the desired file size.
          6. Select a Start With option:

          Current Settings
          Uses the current file format.

          Auto Select GIF/JPEG
          Automatically selects the optimal format depending on image content.

          7. Select a Use option to specify whether you want to apply the specified file size to current slice only, to each slice in the image, or to all slices. Click OK.

          (Hint: This little-known resource can be accessed by pressing the magic F1 key a secret obviously known to only a circle of software gurus.)
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            Joseph Elfelt Level 1
            Good Morning John,

            Sorry I did not make my feature request more clear. I'll try again.

            I want to write an action that will use 'save for web' and which will output a file optimized to a 200KB file size. Assume when I am recording my action that the 'save for web' window shows that a jpg quality of 61 will be used to get as close as possible to my target file size of 200KB.

            Great, now my action is built. Now I run the action on a pic with a lot more detail in it than the pic I used when I recorded the action. Does the action produce an image close to 200KB? Nope. Instead, the action produces an image with a significantly larger file size. The reason for this is because the quality setting of "61" gets 'hardcoded' into the action.

            Feature request: I want to be able to write this action so 'save for web' is controlled by the 200KB target file size instead of the jpg 'quality' setting that just happens to get used when I record the action. Right now the only way to do this is with a script. I don't know anything about scripts but I do know how to work with actions.
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              Level 1
              Got you
              But I think the file size is just an estimate number, it seems decide your save for web setting according the file size, so the action only record your save for web settings, but not the file size
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                Joseph Elfelt Level 1
                (sorry if this gets posted twice)


                Do you think there is any chance that in the future the user will be able to pick whether an action using save-for-web uses:
                (1) the JPG quality setting or (2) the target file size
                to control the action?

                Right now, as you know, we are limited to only using JPG quality in actions that use save-for-web.