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    Brush palette requests

    harry teasley Level 1
      The brush palette starkly reveals the need for editable presets. Creating dual brush brushes is a crazy process of adjusting brush #1 and saving it, adjusting brush #2 and saving it, discovering they don't work well together and creating brush #1a, then brush #2a, and so on. I end up with a palette littered with interim brushes that I don't want.

      What's more, the Dual Brush palette choices are not the same as my preset palette, so unless I spend time naming each interim brush, I don't know which is which. The Dual Brush palette appends a bunch of random brush shapes on the end, after the brushes I'm busy working with. It makes it hard to find the brushes I care about, in trying to plot out my new brush.


      1. I'd like editable presets back. I want to create a brush, and if I don't like it, edit it and save over it. It would make naming brushes worthwhile, and keep my presets clear of temporary stuff.

      2. I'd like Dual Brush brushes to update themselves to use the adjusted second brush. This would prevent much confusion and re-referencing, when trying to construct a brush.

      3. And, a bit unrelated to the above, but I'd love an animated stroke pane on the brush palette. If the brush tip were on the right side, and moved slowly up and down, and simulated changing pressure, and it left a trail behind that scrolled off to the left it as it moved, that would be excellent. It would be the ultimate in brush behavior preview.

      4. And I'd like a scratchpad of the half-dozen most recent unsaved brushes. It would help in using unsaved brushes across tools (so the unsaved eraser brush could easily be transferred to the paintbrush, or vice-versa). Being forced to use presets to transfer a temporary brush from one tool to another is another thing I don't like.

      If there's anything to brush construction that makes any of these suggestions irrelevant, I'd like to know. But these would make for a happier me, I know that.