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    Request support for DirectX 9, 10 and beyond

      I would like to see Adobe adopt and support DirectX video technology not as a replacement to, but rather an alternative video technology to OpenGL.

      Having years of experience using 2D and Solid Modeling software, both software developers and end users have gone thru many of the growing pains of using OpenGL technology. While there is nothing with OpenGL on its own, it's the implementation of OpenGL specifications that has lead to pulling out of one's hair on new video cards and new drivers that choose to use OpenGL technology. The application developer I use, Autodesk, gave up on OpenGL technology several years ago, and now only support video cards and drivers specifically written to DirectX technology. Since that time, getting video cards and drivers to work with there extensive product line, has been virtually been seamless.

      While I realize that OpenGL technology has just recently be exposed to the CS4 product line, having exposure to DirectX technology can only benefit the Adobe product line end user.