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    Remove all message boxes

    Zeno Bokor Level 6
      How about replacing all the message boxes with something like (and i can't believe i'm saying this) the information bar from internet explorer in the sense that you wouldn't need to click OK or whatnot to be able to continue your work.

      Here's an example:
      With the brush tool selected, you click by mistake in the image while a vector layer is selected. What happens? you get a message box telling you to rasterize the layer to continue. You click cancel because it's a mistake and then you get another message box telling you that you can't edit the layer (isn't it fun?).
      This would be replaced by showing you a bar at the top of the image when you click on the vector layer telling you that if you click again with it on the layer you will rasterize the layer. The thing is that if you select a different tool or layer, the bar would disappear(as well as the effect of rasterizing by clicking once more in the image) without the need to click in some specific area before you can continue with your work.

      The end result is that we'll be able to work faster and smoother. No more click ok for stuff like "no pixel is more than 50% selected", "could not complete because the area is empty", "cannot paint on hidden layer", "cannot continue because no layer is selected", etc
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          Level 7
          "That gun is loaded, are you sure you want to pull the trigger?"
          "Oops, sorry, where was that message?"

          Some messages you can put off to the side to be ignored, and some need to stop you in your tracks and say "do you really understand the consequences?".
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            Zeno Bokor Level 6
            True enough but a lot of them can be put in a bar and if you animate the bar to slide down and have it stand out it should be readily visible. Maybe saying "all" was stretching it "a bit" but there are a lot of them that appear often and that could be moved to an info bar.
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              harry teasley Level 1
              I've mentioned it before: Maya puts error messages into the status bar at the bottom of the screen, and turns the bar red when something that you might seriously care about happens. Turns pink for less serious errors. And of course everything is recorded in the console, which you can bring up at any time.

              I find it much more helpful than the modal dialogues. To the degree that PS avoids doing some trite but helpful things, like red-eye removal, it is declaring itself to be a pro app. To the extent it declares itself to be a pro app, it can be freer to allow people to make decisions to potentially screw themselves.
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                dave milbut Level 4
                i've never used maya, but that sounds like a very cool feature harry... i'd second that.
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                  Zeno Bokor Level 6
                  Just because a message box pops up, doesn't necessarily mean that the user will read it. People have gotten used to them being an annoyance and just click yes on everything. I know a couple of guys that did just that: "Do you want to format C:?" and he says, "Let me be, i don't care, YES". Or how about the vista UAC warnings when vista first came out and yelled at anything you did?
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                    Level 7
                    OK, some people can't be helped no matter where you put the message....
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                      harry teasley Level 1
                      True... but you know, when I get one of those non-modal Maya warnings, I pretty much *always* read it. Not because I want to, but because a 127 127 127 bar at the bottom of my screen just turned 255 0 0 and it attracted my attention. I'm like a moth or something.
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                        Zeno Bokor Level 6
                        And there's also the history which guarantees that you can't screw up, unless of course we're talking about stuff that kills the history states(actions/scripts, save&close, edit->purge)
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                          Zeno Bokor Level 6

                          Here's another example where this status bar would be useful:
                          With a multi-layered document you go to Image->Mode->Lab and instead of asking you whether to flatten or not, it will automatically convert the image without flattening and show the bar saying something like "if the appearance doesn't match and you want to flatten the image then click here". And if you click on the bar it would redo the conversion but this time flattening the file before going to Lab. Also add an option in the bar to reverse the behavior of the conversion so that it automatically flattens the file and gives a bar saying the opposite to make sure that you won't get any angry users that always flatten when going to Lab or some other color space

                          Something similar would be when running actions that include a stop. Instead of relying on the user to know that he has to click play to continue or the creator of the action to write that when making the action, the bar would appear and tell you to click on it to continue the action after having made the necessary adjustments 

                          I for one prefer the bar to appear only when needed instead of it always being onscreen and taking up screen space but at the end of the day, as long as it's implemented i won't mind the exact method of the implementation.

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                            Zeno Bokor Level 6

                            shameless bump