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    Rotate 'pen tilt' brush control to compensate for new cs4 document rotate.

    PimpOfPixels Level 1
      Hey guys. Great new stuff in CS4.

      I have one little issue with the awesome new ability to rotate the document. It appears that the pen tilt is not also rotated to correspond to the rotated screen.

      I've a lot of brushes that use pen tilt to rotate the effect of a brush. The use of this effect varies, but there's usually a direct correlation to the position of the brush "ie" the brush is aligned parallel to the brush.

      It appears that when the document is rotated, the pen tilt is not then rotated inversely to compensate for the document rotation.

      Hence, If I've a brush that I use to draw ... let's say fence posts, and it's designed so that the fence posts are drawn facing perpendicular to the brush angle where when the wacom pen is oriented with it's tip pointing due left, the fence posts will be drawn vertically.
      Still with me?
      * Pen facing left, fence posts vertical.
      If you then rotate the screen 90* Clockwise, the posts will now be drawn parallel to the pen orientation.
      Ideally, the tilt would compensate for the screen rotation so that the brushes would maintain consistent interpretation to the pen tilt.

      That wasn't the most articulate thing I've ever written, but I hope you were able to understand my point.

      Thanks so much.