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    Creating Common Image Effects

      How do i... Answers to some commonly ask
      questions on how to get certain image
      effects using Photoshop.
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          Q: How do I create the television
          scan line with Adobe Photoshop?

          A: There are a number of ways to do
          this, here is one common method:

          Step 1) Create a new document that is
          two pixel high, one pixel wide and

          Step 2) Fill in one pixel as solid white
          and leave the other pixel transparent,
          select the entire image (Win: Press
          "Ctrl-A", Mac: press "Option-A") and
          chose "Edit > Define Pattern" from the

          Step 3) Return to your original
          document. Create a new layer. Select
          "Edit > Fill" from the menu. In the
          fill options box, change the use option
          to "Pattern" and click "OK"

          Step 4) Use the layer opacity and mode
          options to find a setting you like.

          (Applies to: all versions)
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            Dorothy Krause Level 1
            Trying to Curve Text, or text on a path.

            Q: I want to create a logo that is a circle with text rotating around the outer edge. What in Photoshop will allow me to do this?

            A: There are two ways to do it easily:

            (1*). Get yourself a copy of Extensis's Photographics. *Update: Now out of production

            2. Create the circle (or path) and text in a vector drawing program such as
            Illustrator (or CorelDraw). Save the file (from Illustrator) or
            export it as an Illustrator graphic (from CorelDraw) and then open the
            .ai file in Photoshop. On opening it will ask you what
            dimension/colour space you want to open it as.

            However, if the logo is going to be used for printed material, it is better left as the .ai file as these vector files are resolution
            independent and will scale to whatever size you want them to be
            without deterioration.


            Carol S.

            (posted from the UK)

            In addition to what Carol has said, you might want to
            check out a tutorial that I ran across recently:


            Nick Decker