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    File Format Issues

      Frequently asked questions about saving and converting file formats.
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          Q: Why Cant I save my file in
          x format?

          A: By deafult the only image format
          available in "File > Save..." is
          Photoshop's native image format (.psd).

          Use "File > Save A Copy" instead, this
          will save a duplicate of you image while
          leaving your original layered image

          (Applies to: all ver
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            Q: What is the difference between a file named x.jpg and x.jpeg? (Or between .tiff and .tif)

            A: There is no difference in the image format. the three letter extension is a holdover from DOS.

            (Applies to: all versions)
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              File Associations:

              Q: I am trying to open a PSD file. I want them to open in Photoshop, but they always try to open in another program.

              A: Couple choices... (Aandi's) from Photoshop, use File > Open or make a Photoshop icon on your desktop and drag on to it. (Len's) ...or select any PSD file in Windows Explorer then SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK
              on it and select OPEN WITH. Choose Photoshop from the list presented
              and if you ALWAYS want PSD's associated with PS, make sure you have
              the Always Open Files of this Type box checked.
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                GIF vs. GIF vs. GIF (etc.)

                Q: I see several different ways to save a GIF file from Photoshop. What's the difference between them?

                A: You can select "CompuServe GIF" format when you choose Save, Save As or Save a Copy (asuming you have a flattened, RGB image) from Photoshop's File menu. That's the traditional way of saving GIFs, and has been available in Photoshop going back several versions. It has limited options and saves a file in GIG87 format.

                B. You can choose "Export > GIF89a Export" from the file menu. This presents you with a few more options and (as the name suggests) saves out a GIF89a format file.

                C. You can choose "Save For Web" from Photoshop 5.5's File menu, and choose GIF from the Optimized File Format menu in the Settings group. You will have many different options to minimize your file size while viewing the resulting image to alow you to maintain image quality. This is usually the best way to save a GIF from within Photoshop. This will generate a file in GIF89a format.

                D. If you want to take advantage of even more advanced web features (rollovers, slicing, animation, etc.) for your GIF, switch over to ImageReady 2.0 and save your optimized image there. You will find similar options as in Photoshop's Save For Web dialog, but ImageReady adds additional features that allow you to slice or animate an image, or create rollovers.