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    Text is cut off or disappear in large images

    Mathias Vejerslev Level 2

      Text is cut off or does not appear on a type layer in large images (e.g.,
      400 MB) in Adobe Photoshop 5.x>.


      Do one of the following:

      Solution 1

      Change anti-aliasing in the type layer:

      1 Double-click the type layer.

      2. In Photoshop 5.5>, select None, Crisp, or Strong from the Anti-Alias
      pop-up menu in the Type Tool dialog box. In Photoshop 5.0.2, deselect
      Anti-Aliased in the Type Tool dialog box.

      3. Click OK.

      Solution 2

      Move the type layer, open the Type Tool dialog box, click OK, and then move
      the layer back:

      1. Select the move tool.

      2. Move the type layer to the left until all the text is off the image.

      3. Double-click the type layer.

      4. Click OK in the Type Tool dialog box.

      5. Move the type layer back with the move tool. Do not move it back using
      the History palette.

      Solution 3

      Create the text using the type mask tool and fill the selection:

      1. Select the type mask tool and click in your image.

      2. Enter your text in the Type Tool dialog box. Click OK.

      3. Move the type selection to the desired location. If you can see part of
      the text on the existing type layer, you can use it as a guide to position
      the type selection.

      4. Select the layer on which you want the text to appear.

      5. Select a foreground color for the type.

      6. Choose Edit > Fill.

      7. Chose Select > Deselect.

      8. Remove the original type layer.

      Solution 4

      Create the text in Photoshop 5.0 or earlier, or in another application.
      Then, import the text into Photoshop 5.x and remove the original type layer.

      Additional Information

      The type tool cannot create anti-aliased text larger than 8192 pixels on the
      image canvas in Photoshop 5.x, although it can in earlier versions. The type
      mask tool, however, can create selections that exceed this limit. You can
      fill type mask selections to create pixels in the shape of type, but these
      pixels are not editable in the Type Tool dialog box and do not appear on a
      new Type layer.

      (Adobe Tech doc # )