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    Fonts do not appear or cannot be used in PS6

    LenHewitt Level 1
      see http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/20b26.htm

      Many TTFonts are unfortunately country-coded incorrectly due to a bug in a font creation application that quite a few foundries were using.

      The fonts are listed alphabetically by country code, starting with
      Western European.

      If you open your adobefnt.lst file in a text editor, you will probably
      find those fonts that are giving you problems have one of the
      following entries:


      when they should have


      Changing the entry to WritingScript:Roman *may* help - but I would
      make a copy of the file first....

      If you do change the entries in the Adobefnt.lst, you will need to set it to read only to keep those settings. It will then not reflect any changes you make to your installed fonts.