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    Photoshop 7.0.0 freezes after applying a KPT3 filter.

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      If you apply any of the KPT3 filter effects (except for the Interform
      filter), Photoshop 7 will lock up solid.

      As a temporary (or even a permanent) workround you can use the keyboard to
      save the image by doing a SAVE AS ([ctrl]+[shift]+S) or a SAVE A COPY AS
      ([ctrl]+[alt]+S) and save as either a TIFF or a BMP file. This will free up
      Photoshop and you can continue working with your image.

      If you are working with a layered image, it is important that you are saving
      with the advanced TIFF format turned ON - saving as either a standard TIFF
      or a BMP will flatten the saved image. However, the image which you have
      open in Photoshop will retain its layers until you finally save it - and
      then you can choose from the complete range of formats.

      (posted from the UK)