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    Double-Clicking JPG's doesn't work in PS7

    LenHewitt Level 1
      Q. When I double click some image files in Explorer, or select Open With, Photoshop starts but instead of loading the file presents a New Image d/box.

      A. XP/Win2k has put in a bad registry key used for opening that kind of file. If you feel *comfortable* editing the registry, you can find the bad key at


      For some reason, sometimes Windows XP creates this key the first time without "%1" at the end. Delete the (Default) entry, go to Windows Explorer, select a file type you want to open in Photoshop, right click, go to Open With, select Choose Program, click Browse (Photoshop won't be in the list after deleting the registry key), select your Photoshop executable, and make sure "Always use..." is checked.

      If you do not feel comfortable editing the registry DO NOT DO THIS.

      You can work around it by dragging the image onto the Photoshop main window background after Photoshop is opened.