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    Color Management

      Frequently asked questions about color management.
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          Q: White appears yellow in the color palette. Why?

          A: Often the default color settings of a video card are not propperly calibrated. For this reason Photoshop includes a utility to correct the color setting (called gamma correction). This can be found in your control panel.

          If this has occured only since you installed an upgrade, your color profile may have been changed.

          A: Another "fix" that occasionally works is to insert "InvertDIB=0" in the photoshop.ini file. The exact name of your .ini file varies with your version of Photoshop. For Photoshop 4.0.1 it is Photos40.ini and appears in the "Prefs" folder. For Photoshop 5.0.2 it is Photos50.ini and appears in the "Adobe Photoshop Settings" folder. Someone who has Photoshop 5.5 will have to give its .ini name and folder.

          A: Another "fix" that occasionally works is to go through the Adobe Gamma routine that is located in the Control Panel.
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            b Q1: I'm using Photoshop 5.5. After calibrating my monitor using Adobe Gamma I find that the name "saved" with the monitor "ICC Profile" does not appear in the Photoshop RGB Setup.

            b Q2: Why does Photoshop 5.5 RGB Setup say that my Monitor is sRGB.

            Both probems can be resolved as follows:

            A: Run Adobe Gamma again using the Step-by-Step Wizard option. When the second dialog window appears "Type" the name you want into the "Description" box.
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