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    Saving and moving Actions

    Mathias Vejerslev Level 2
      Q: How do I save out my actions for backup, or to use on another machine?


      There are a few ways of saving out your actions, once recorded.

      From the Action Palette fly-out, select 'Save Actions' to save a selected set of actions to a specified location.

      If you need to move the actions to another computer, you could save to a floppy disk, and load them again from the Action Palette fly-out on a second computer. Or send them via e-mail.


      To save your complete action palette (all actions) for backup, or to move it to another computer:

      Locate the file "Actions Palette.psp", found in the Photoshop preferences folder on your harddrive (path: x:\Documents and Settings\ [user] \Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop\ [version] \Adobe Photoshop x Settings\).

      Copy or backup this file. You can overwrite the same file on another computer. All your action scripts will be copied with it.

      Important Note: You´ll overwrite any actions on the second computer; A backup of the "Actions Palette.psp" is advised.

      Last, but not least, actions created in older versions transferred to newer versions is not guaranteed to work (but is more likely to work than not).