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    Adobe Technical Support Options

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      Adobe Complimentary Support for Desktop Products

      This support option applies to the U.S. and Canada. For support options elsewhere, please see international support.

      As a registered owner of the currently shipping version of an Adobe product, you are eligible to receive person-to-person installation and product defect support. This includes issues related to crashes and errors caused by the Adobe software; all at no charge. Support for other issues is not included.

      In order to maintain high level person-to-person support, you will be required to provide upfront billing information (credit card) in the event that your support request is not covered under complimentary support. The technical support representative will determine if your support issue is complimentary or billable.

      To access technical support, just register your Adobe product online. Then, dial the technical support number for the Adobe product you own. Its that easy!

      Note: Person-to-person support for free products, such as Adobe Reader® software, is available only through our Expert Support options.

      Bundled products

      Adobe bundles some of its products with third-party hardware such as scanners, cameras, PCs, and printers. Bundled Adobe products are eligible for both free online and fee-based support, but may not be eligible for free person-to-person support. For details on eligibility, see the support information that was included with the hardware purchased.

      Printer Drivers

      Person-to-person support for printer drivers is available only for printer drivers bundled with Adobe products. For printer drivers not bundled with Adobe products, we offer these other popular support options: Adobe User to User Forums and the printer drivers support page.

      Support for previous versions

      Person-to-person complimentary support is available for the current shipping version of Adobe Desktop products. If you need support for the previous version, please see our Expert Support options. If you need support for a release older than one previous version, we welcome you to post your question in the online User to User Forums.

      The current shipping version is defined as the most recent upgrade and its updates. For example, 5.5 is an upgrade from 5.0 and 6.01 is an update to 6.0. Visit our Adobe Product pages at http://www.adobe.com/products/main.html for information about the newest versions of Adobe products
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          Dorothy Krause Level 1
          Len, the page you referenced is in the backroom yet. I made an access list for this that makes it hosts only, for now.
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            Mathias Vejerslev Level 2

            You need to post in the regular forum, not in the FAQ section. In fact, you shouldn´t even be able to post in this topic.

            A host will shortly be by, and move your post and delete this one, I´m sure. (We have damn good hosts in this place).
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              When I started PhotoShop 7, just now, it prompted me to register the product. I registered it about 1 year ago and haven't re-installed it. Any ideas why this happened?
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                My Photoshop 8.0 (CS) software ran fine until I installed a new printer.

                When I try to open the Photoshop CS program I now get get the error message "Cannot complete your request due to program error", and then Photoshop immediately closes, and a popup message asks me if I want to send an error message to MicroSoft.
                The Photoshop CS program is now totally useless!

                However, I am still able to open the 'ImageReady' program. Very strange!
                I tried the "advanced" un-install and then reinstalled Photoshop CS and re-activated. I STILL get the same error message and immediate closing of the Photoshop program.

                Could this program error be caused by Photoshop's new 'activation' technology?
                Is there a PhotoShop CS software upgrade which corrects this PhotoShop 8.0 program error?
                Can I get a refund if Adobe cannot, or will not, correct this PS CS program error?
                William Donnally (in New Jersey)