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    Photoshop stops loading at fontlisting.

    Mathias Vejerslev Level 2
      Q: Photoshop splash screen freeze at 'Sorting Font List'?

      A: This may be due to a corrupt font installed on your system. Some shareware fonts are of bad quality, and can render incorrectly, causing Photoshop to freeze.

      Some things to try:

      1) Delete your Prefs file - See FAQ.

      2) Do a system-wide search for adobefnt*.LST files and delete all you find - They will be rebuilt as required.

      If neither of those work, you may have just too many fonts active or just a single corrupt font which you will need to delete.

      Isolate the problem font by removing half your fonts, then check to see if the problem is resolved. If it ís, try loading half of the remaining fonts, check again etc. etc.

      This way you should eventually be able to isolate the problem font.