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    Writing strings

      I have made a guestbook with an add, view and clear button. It also have a text field called feedback above the input box

      this is the add button lingo script:

      on mouseUp me
      --check to see if there is anything to put in the pref file
      if member("display").text = "" then
      member("feedback").text = "Please enter a comment"
      --set a variable to the value of the text in the member display
      i = member("display").text
      --put that string into the pref file
      setPref "cygnus.txt", i
      --clear the display field
      member("display").text = ""
      --Tell the user what is going on
      member("feedback").text = "Your entry has been added to the Guestbook"
      end if


      however every time i add something it just overwrites whats already there. I would like it to write it on a new line or below the last post. Can anyone help?