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    Droplets stop working in Photoshop CS2

    Kirsten Harris Adobe Employee
      Droplets won't work if you uninstalled Photoshop after creating the droplet and reinstalled it to a different location than before. Some registry keys don't get removed during the uninstall and the reinstall doesn't overwrite them, which breaks the droplet. The attached DropletFixer.vbs file fixes those registry keys.

      1. Download the attached file to your desktop.
      2. Unzip with Winzip.
      3. Doubleclick on the DropletFixer.vbs file.
      4. The message "Your registry value appears to be incorrect. I expected: " & pathToExe & " but I read: " & pathToLibrary & ". Would you like me to fix?" appears.

      5. Click yes.

      Note: Clicking Yes will modify your registry.