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    'Could not initialize Photoshop failed to initialize CoolType'

      But when I start Photoshop, it displays its first couple screens full of stuff (before there's any user input), and then displays a dialogue box saying, 'Could not initialize Photoshop failed to initialize CoolType'. When you click OK, Photoshop terminates.

      It may or may not be relevant, but Illustrator also won't start, though it doesn't even give me the courtesy of an error message. It just displays that little box with the graphics and the list of developers, for 30 seconds or so, and then it disappears without a trace.
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          Hi David,

          I am having the same issue now. Did you get yours resolved and if so, how?

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            Michael D Sullivan Community Member
            There is an Adobe TechNote for another product (Photoshop Album), http://preview.tinyurl.com/3y4sgr, that provides a couple of suggestions for addressing this problem that are not specific to that product. Solution 1 was Album-specific; here are the others -- one or another may work for you:

            Solution 2

            Delete all Adobefnt*.lst files:

            1. Choose Start > Search > For Files or Folders.

            2. Follow the on-screen instructions to search for adobefnt*.lst

            3. In the Search Results window, delete all of the files.

            Solution 3

            In Windows Explorer, delete the Adobe folder from //Program Files/Common Files, and then uninstall and reinstall any Adobe applications.

            Solution 4

            Troubleshoot for damaged fonts, and then delete and reinstall them. For troubleshooting instructions, see Related Records.

            Additional Information

            CoolType errors are often caused by damaged fonts. In particular, a damaged PMingLiU font is known to cause these errors. The Photoshop Album 1.0.1 update installs a new version of the CoolType font library.

            Adobefnt*.lst files are font cache files that Adobe applications use to gather and store information about available fonts. Adobefnt.lst files are generated when the application is first started. If one of these files becomes damaged, it can cause erratic font behavior within an Adobe application. If you delete or rename an Adobefnt*.lst file, the application re-creates the file the next time you start it.

            Adobe applications share some components in the //Program Files/Common Files/Adobe folder. If any of these shared components are damaged, Adobe applications may return CoolType errors.
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              John Joslin Community Member
              Just for clarity, that file extension is .LST not .1ST!