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    Displaying an interactive document as a topic

    Steve OB
      The help program I am developing needs to be interactive so that when monthly information is changed in a file (Word file if possible) it automatically updates in the topic. I need it to be displayed as the topic, not as a link upon which a person clicks, and is taken to another page.

      I can't find any help in the help file for doing this with text. Can this be done?

      Thanks for your help!
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Welcome to our community, Steve

          You could maybe accomplish it with a Redirect Topic. Basically you would create a topic that redirects itself to the Word document when clicked upon.

          What we don't know at the moment is the output type. If you are creating .CHM files, you would need to ensure everyone shares equal access to a common location and store the Word document there.

          Cheers... Rick