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    Downloading Assets from server even when the adobe Air application window is closed.

    BhaskerChari Level 4
      Hi guys,
      I am creating an Air application, which periodicaly downloads images, text and video from the remote server and save them locally in the filesystem. I want my application to connect to remote server daily at a particular time on a day and check for updates and download them, irrespective of whether the application window is active or it is closed.

      I know how to acheive this, if the application window is active(window is open) by setting a Timer function , but the applcation runs into problems if the window is closed and cannot be connected to server to check for updates.

      Can I make the code work(timer function) even when the window is closed in the background process?

      Please help me out in acheiving this......

      Any tip or solution will be appreciated.
      Thanx a lot.