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    No more ehelp.com breaks webhelp calls

      Apparently, the RoboHelp Webhelp Enterprise code checks for the existance of www.ehelp.com to confirm that an internet connection exists. This url is no longer found on some dns servers, so our code cannot detect an internet connection about half the time, and users can't get to the online Help. It looks like this just happened on wednesday. This used to be a rdirect to Adobe, but it was discontinued.
      Anyone else see this?
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          Joan, GetThere Level 1
          I don't know if I'm having the same issue that you are having. When opening RoboHelp it takes a while for it to open. My guess is that it is trying to link up to the ehelp website. Once the file does open, I open one of my projects and click Help. After clicking the Content & Index option, nothing displays.

          Did you get an answer?
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            YES! This is also a problem for me. Luckily, you can click Tools - Options - General to get to the RoboHelp local help system.
            How long have you had your copy of RoboHelp?
            Mine was actually purchased from Macromedia a couple of years ago.

            Anyone else having problems getting to the RoboHelp online Help system? If yes, how long ago did you get your version of RoboHelp?

            I'm wondering if people who buy the product now are experiencing problems.
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              Joan, GetThere Level 1
              My version was installed a couple of months ago. My copy came from our support vendor and not off the shelf.
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                RoboWizard Level 4
                Hi all

                With RoboHelp, you probably just need to turn off Airplane help. Check the link below for that.

                Click here to read the article

                I'm also confused about the ehelp.com thing. I know it doesn't display ehelp.com any longer, but it does redirect to Adobe. At least for me.

                Cheers all... Rick
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                  RoboWizard Level 4
                  Hi again

                  In thinking this thread over a bit further, is it possible that you are thinking Airplane help and WebHelp Enterprise are two heads of the same beast? If so, this isn't true.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    eHelp only resolves to Adobe.com about half the time based on an informal survey of colleagues and the recent trend in our Help server usage statistics (down by 50% since last wednesday).

                    Here's the info for the ehelpcom domain:
                    Domain Name: EHELP.COM
                    Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC.
                    Whois Server: whois.networksolutions.com
                    Referral URL: http://www.networksolutions.com
                    Name Server: DNS1.MACROMEDIA.COM
                    Name Server: DNS2.MACROMEDIA.COM
                    Status: REGISTRAR-LOCK
                    Updated Date: 07-aug-2006
                    Creation Date: 14-may-1996
                    Expiration Date: 15-may-2009
                    DNS1 is gone now (no longer online). So it appears that some people get ehelp.com from dns2, some do not.

                    Our situation:
                    We build an HTML Help chm which we ship with our app as well as WebHelp Pro system which we post to a Help server. The two systems begin with identical content, and we post updates to the Hel p server as needed.
                    Our app uses RoboHelp-provided code (HasInternetConnection method in RoboHelp_CSH.cpp file).to detect an internet connection and invoke the server-based Help. If the conneciton is not detected we invoke the local chm file. This is a full Help system, it is not Airplane Help.
                    The RoboHep-provided code is testing the connection by contacting ehelp.com (via ping I think). So now, half the time, the app thinks there is no internet connection and just uses local Help.
                    What this looks like to a user is a very long pause and then local Help appears. So this presents a very sluggish help experience to half of our users. We do have an option in our app to turn off the use of the server-based Help, but most users won't realize that they need to do this. They'll just think our Help system is slow to respond.

                    In our next release we'll use our own code to detect a connection and ping our own site, but this doesn't help our tens of thousands of current users who are trying to invoke Help. I've sent a bug report to Adobe and asked them to just reinstate the dns entry or a single page that redirects to Adobe would be fine too. I'm thinking there are other people that have this problem, but may not realize it immediately. And if they did structure their Help so that local Help is only a subset of their entire system, then their users are really getting shortchanged.

                    For RoboHelp users who need Help:
                    I'm not sure when Adobe discontinued the online Help for RoboHelp. I turned on the Tools - Options - General - Use local Help option a long time ago (online Help was very slow, even when it did work).
                    Another user on this thread noticed that online Help was not working. I'm not sure how old their copy of RH is, but they've only had it installed for a couple of months.