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    trail effect

    razx Level 1
      hi everyone! i want to make an animation with a star like animation but a want that the star draw shadows of itself like a shootingstar, i know that i can repet the same imagen with alfa tween but i want a more realistic effect, i was wondering if its possible to follow a movieclip with another movieclip to make this effect possible, i hope u can help me! =)
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you can create a movieclip with a star on frame 1 that fades to zero _alpha and shrinks in to 1 width/height on frame 10 and an empty keyframe on 11 that contains a stop.

          give this movieclip a linkage id and you can use an onMouseMove() handler to attach this movieclip to the current _xmouse, _ymouse position.