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    limit time access to Internet

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      I need to have two PCs connected to Internet and control the time access to
      Internet of each one, for example 10 minutes using internet and after that,
      finish the connection for that person, after a while (one minute for
      example) enable again the internet access.

      Can you help me, can you suggest me any idea of how to do it please?
      Thank you very much

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          Robert Crowe Level 1
          You might look at using _system.milliseconds to track time, and/or setting a timeout() to call a method to turn off the net access at the transitions. I don't know of a way to actually disconnect from the net, but you can make the access unavailable to the user just by disabling that part of the UI. BTW, i have better luck with clearing timeout() by saving the timeout result object and using .forget() on that, rather than referring to it by name. I hope that helps.