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    Dinamic comboBox: Updating dataProvider

      Hello all.
      Thanks in advance for reading and helping me in this issue:
      I’m trying to create an editable comboBox which works as follow: When the user writes something, the dataProvider is updated to show only records in drop-down list which contains the text the user has entered. For example, if I have two records with labels “Employee” and “Manager”, if the user types “p”, only “Employee” is shown because contains the “p” character.
      Everything is working fine but, when I dynamically update de comboBox’s dataProvider, the text the user is typing remains selected. When the user types “p”, the dataprovider is modified and the “p” in text box remains selected. When the user types another character, for example “l”, because “p” is selected, the new character entered replaces the old one. Then I can search for two characters, for example, “pl” because every time the new character replace the old one.
      Do you know how I can solve this problem?.