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    loadMovie in as2

    maani786 Level 1
      hi everybody

      i am working in as2 under flash cs3 aon windows xp

      i develop an audio player which can play dynamic audio files of two formats "mp3" and "swf" from remote servers..

      The issue is when i embed the player in html and make it live to access through the internet..

      it plays mp3 files without any issue but it cannot play swf files from one specific server and it can play swf files from other remote servers, the problem is really very strange since it works fine on linux OS but not on windows.
      and secondly when i hardcode the address of that specific server which passed from html in actionscript and then i press control+enter it plays the swf sound. but when i publish it with hardcoded url in it and play the html file it doesnt play the sound...

      i try System.security.allowDomain("that specific server url")
      and even i try System.security.allowDomain("*") but it doesnt solve the problem.

      i am unable to figureout the problem ..

      plz help..