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    construct Array name dynamically

    luciewong Level 1
      Sorry guys, but I must post my message in parts to find out, where in my text is a >censored word<
      I cannot post in one.

      So part 1> hope no censored word>

      I have to construct an Array name dynamic, consisting of
      Database "Table" + Database "Column name".
      Data comes in with LV.

      I do this like:
      var theTable:String = Table;//<<from LV
      var theColumn:String = Column; ;//<<from LV

      Now I create the Array:
      _root[theTable+[theColumn]+"_array"] = new Array();//<

      No problem so far, works fine. I push values into this new Array.

      if the Table or the Column name contains an >ampersand< then it hurts.

      >>end part 1