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    interaction + external movie

      Hi guys,

      It's my first post in here, I spent most of the day looking for my answer but i still couldn't find it.
      So my problem is,

      page1 = index
      page2 = aboutme
      page3 = portfolio

      On my Index, lets call page1, I have a menu, the same menu that i have on my page3, this menu contain around 10 links, so the basic idea is to open differents externals movieclips in each link, it works fine when I use this links on page3, i just used the action to each link;

      - on (release) {

      ok, the thing is, when i use the menu on page1, it has to open page3 and then, inside page3, load my external movie in my gallery_mc; so lets see the action;

      on (release) {
      if (_root.link<>page && _root.G<>1 && _root.SP ==0) {
      _root.link = page;

      if (_root.link<>page && _root.SP ==1){
      _root.link = page;



      This works fine, its just to call my page3. So now is missing to load my external MC into a MC called gallery_mc into my page3, so I tried all the ways and still didn't work;

      Just for u to understand the structure;

      root + ch_cont + all_pages + page3

      Its a bit difficult to explaim, but hope u will understand it!!!

      thanks for your time!!!