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    Photoshop (CS3) Hangs When Started

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      I just purchased PS CS3 and after spending an entire evening and morning getting to the point where the software asked for my serial number, I still have not gotten anything other than a PS window and an hourglass cursor with the window indicating that Adobe Photoshop CS3 is not responding. I am running Windows XP with all the Windows updates installed. I get the same result with the version right off the DVD or after having dowloaded and installed all the updates to the various components. I did many installs finally using the CS3 cleanup script at level 3 and this allowed me to enter my SN.

      If I look at the application event log in XP I can see the following:

      Hanging application Photoshop.exe, version, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

      I looked through the forum and did not see the exact problem in other posts. Is there a switch that can be used with Photoshop.exe to log the application startup?

      Any help would be appreciated. I am starting to think I made a terrible mistake buying this software based on using an older version years ago.

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          I would suggest resetting any preferences that may have been carried over from a previous version of PS.
          To do this, have a folder of images open on your desktop, and WHILE holding down the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT keys, right click on an image file and choose "Open With" -> "Adobe Photoshop CS3". A dialog will come up before the application loads and will ask if you want to delete the preferences file. Choose Yes.
          Be forewarned that by choosing yes, you will delete all of the applications preferences. But seeing as you just installed, you should be fine. Good luck!
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            John Joslin Level 6
            The preferences from previous versions are in completely different folders on the system drive.

            The best way to reset preferences is described in the FAQ.


            You either have to physically delete (or rename) the preference files or, if using the Alt, Ctrl, and Shift method, be sure that you get a confirmation dialog.

            This resets all settings in Photoshop to factory defaults.
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              Thank you for your help. When trying the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT method I never did get a dialog box popping up asking about deleting a preference file. I just did a search for any file with a .psp extension and there isn't one on my computer.

              I figured I'd rather take the time re-installing all the apps I use that don't give me problems versus debugging what I had installed that Photoshop did not like so I reformmatted my C: partition, renamed the Program Files Directory on my E: partition (D: is a spare OS partition that I have yet to use) and I reinstalled XP from scratch. After doing all the Windows updates and installing the required motherboard, display and audio chipset drivers, I re-installed Photoshop. Unfortunately it behaved exactly the same way as prior to the re-installation of XP, both before and after installing the PS updates. I have not gotten to the point where I can enter my serial number as I still just get a blank window that says it is not responding. I can open Adobe Bridge, but if I fire up PS from there it still hangs.

              Thanks for the help and any further help would certainly be appreciated.
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                John Joslin Level 6
                Your post is confusing. Did you install Photoshop on a drive other than the system drive? That is asking for trouble.

                Also a successful installation in the right place will always create a set of preferences with the extension .psp so goodness knows what you are doing!

                They are hidden files and would be in:

                C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Adobe Photoshop CS3 Settings
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                  I am also trying to install CS3 on my computer and I have the same problem. I am using Windows Vista. After installing, the application hangs also just as described. I have contacted customer service who told me to uninstall and reinstall. I did and it continues to hang when opening. I contacted customer service and they told me to uninstall and reinstall. Did so and it hangs.
                  Several customer service of uninstall, download CS3 from website, and still hangs.
                  After several days I was referred to technical support, they had me uninstall and reinstall. The application still hangs with technical support on phone. After 2 hours on the phone, we were still creating new users, uninstalling and reinstalling, changing msconfig and still hanging.
                  Finally I was told by tech support to uninstall and reinstall again but you guessed it, it was close to closing for tech support and was told I would have to call back.
                  Waited until Saturday and you guessed it, tech support is only available Mon thru Friday. I have to work to pay for programs like this and can't take off during the week right now to spend all day with tech support.
                  I never saw and answer to the post as to what steps to take to correct it from hanging.
                  anyone else have same problem or can resolve it?
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                    Sorry for the confusion. I have always thought remote computer technical support was one of the most frustrating things as there are so many ways for people to describe their problems and each installation, machine and end user is different.

                    I installed Photoshop on the same drive (actually a RAID-0 2 drive set) but on another partition where I have my program files.

                    I am actually in the process of using the cleanup script to wipe all things Adobe off my system and I'll try again, once from the DVD and if that does not work, from a copy of the DVD on my desktop (as this has been mentioned in some posts).

                    If there would be a startup log that could be checked versus that of clean start at least that would indicate where things have died.

                    Thanks again.
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                      John, I have having similar problems as you. I guess I should have clarified that I either can't get to the part to enter the serial number because it hangs or when I have unistalled and reinstalled and do get to the serial number part, the application hangs after verifying the serial number. You would think tech support could help but I guess they only work Mon thru Friday so your out of luck if you can't spend a vacation on the phone with them.
                      I was hoping that someone else might have had the same problem and could answer it here. Let me know if you get yours working and I will try the same steps.
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                        I went back to the restore point I made just after I re-installed XP and installed PS to my C: drive. After a few times of firing up Photoshop and then killing it when it stopped responding, a panel came up asking for my serial number. I entered it, clicked Next and that was it, no more interaction, just dead software.

                        Since I am back to a Windows XP SP2 installation with nothing else installed, either Photoshop is not compatible with Windows XP SP2 or it is way too finicky about computer hardware and drivers. This software really should come with free home installation for the price.
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                          That's the problem I am having installing it with Windows Vista.

                          I had CS2 and upgraded to CS3 when it first came out which installed on Windows XP with service pack 2. No problems with it.

                          I bought a new laptop with Vista. I have followed the instructions for installing it, countless calls to customer service, and then the transfer to tech support. The first tech transferred me to Sr Technician who had to give up when it came to closing time.

                          I have a case number with tech but only open Mon thru Friday. I am going to correspond by email with them to see what they have since I work during the week.
                          I even tried downloading the free trial CS3 and got the same hanging response.
                          We can't be the only ones with this problem since your description of sometimes getting to the serial number and hanging and sometimes not even getting this far.

                          Keep me posted and I will let you know what the techs respond with now.
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                            If I figure out how to get PS running, I will certainly let you know what I did, although I won't have much time to experiment during the week. I must have removed and re-installed the software 20 times over the course of the weekend and did a clean XP install too. I had expected to install Friday and spend the weekend using the software. I guess that was being a bit naive. I could understand there being small issues that would need to be addressed in a future update but this is ridiculous.

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                              John Joslin Level 6
                              You have to bear in mind that, although these problems are very real to you, tens of thousands of users have installed without a hitch. This would indicate that something on your system is not playing nicely with the installer.

                              It is obviously that the installer is far from hassle free even when it works it is painfully slow and can interact badly with, for example, Flash player and Internet Explorer, not to mention some of the security suites and firewalls.

                              When you said you tried it with a clean XP install, was that on a freshly formatted disk or a repair install?
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                                I reformatted my C: partition and installed XP SP 2 on it. I tried installing it to C: and to E:, which is where my programs are supposed to go. This is the first piece of software in a lot of years that would not install out of the box. I may reformat the partition again, move all my files out of the other partitions and install to C: first as I may have installed to the E: partition first last time and who knows if the cleanup script gets rid of all traces of a prior installation.
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                                  I got rid of the RAID-0 configuration, reformatted one of the drives and did another fresh XP SP2 installation. I installed Photoshop from a copy I put on my desktop and it still does not run or ask for my serial number. I'll try one last thing (pulling out a TV card I have installed in the computer) and that will be it for me and CS3.
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                                    John Joslin Level 6
                                    With a configuration like yours it is impossible to determine remotely what hardware or software configuration is causing you this grief but, believe me, it is at your end.
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                                      I will try a few last things tonight but then I will be down to changing things like my motherboard, memory, video card or my hard drive as those will be the only things that have remained consistent during all of this.

                                      Thanks for your help.
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                                        John Joslin Level 6
                                        Going back to the beginning of the saga, of course it could be a faulty installation disk!
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                                          I never thought of that as I figured the installer would be checking CRC's on the files and display a bad installation disk or some such message. Maybe I'll try to install the trial software tonight to see if I can get that working. Would I be able to use the serial number I have on my DVD to somehow register the trial version if I somehow get it to install and work?

                                          Thanks for the very good point. It is easy to get overly focused on things and lose sight of other potential issues.

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                                            I did do a clean install of XP again and installed the trial version of Photoshop CS3 and I got the same exact same application hang as I did with the non-trial version.
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                                              Same issue, going on a month now. Vista 64, all updates, all drivers updated. quad core (tried install with 4gb of memory, 2 gb of memory, diff hard drive, etc..), fresh install of vista. downloaded trial from site numerous times as per tech support, reinstalled, restored, etc...same result. It just hangs on the opening of the application. tried registering the script dll's for both the 64 and 32 bit side, installing in 64 vs 32 bit directories, nada. disabled pretty much every service, killed all unnecessary apps, no AV has ever been installed, Defender is disabled. tech support is no help. one guy even told me to just wait until cs4.

                                              dual booted with XP, and it works fine on the same hardware. And no, the solution is not to go backwards permanently. I need Vista, it says it's compatible.
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                                                ok i FINALLY got this working. Shrotly after I posted this, i ran across a solution. the problem is the FNP licensing service. Adobe has a patch for it, but it is listed as an acrobat fix for vista. But seeing as how all adobe products use this licensing schema...it fixed my issue with CS3.


                                                cred goes the guys in this thread
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                                                  John Joslin Level 6
                                                  Maybe that'll help JohninCT!

                                                  I certainly didn't need it to get CS3 installed on Vista 64.
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                                                    Kudos to you, Vistahates CS3. I ran the Vista only patch on my XP installation and after rebooting I was asked for the serial number again and then "Next" took me to the activation page and then the software fired up. Woohoo.

                                                    You should get an honorary Adobe Tech Support award or some such thing.

                                                    Thank you for taking the time to post the tip and thanks to anyone who tried to help me sort this out.

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                                                      Honestly, this is the worst release ever!

                                                      I just cannot believe users going to re-install everything, including the OS, just for this junk proggie!

                                                      I don't bother anymore, I'll just get my money back.
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                                                        kspwft Level 1

                                                        I know this thread is several months old, but I had experienced a similar problem after buying a new computer with Windows Vista 64-bit. I installed and reinstalled, searched everywhere and couldn't come up with a solution to Photoshop not responding when I tried to launch it after installation. I finally found this post, followed the instructions to download and install the patch, and was able to finally successfully launch Photoshop CS3. Thank you so much for posting your solution!