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    Divider style issue

    Olof Brickarp
      I've been using Flex for a while now and I really like it. I have just found an issue however that someone might have a quick answer to. I work as a designer at a company that uses Flex. I have "layout programing" pretty well figured out but don't know much about how to actually get things to work.

      Right now I'm working on an interface that will have a divided HBox where one side is set to 100% width and the other one to a precise pixel width with max and minWidth also applied. Everything works great but whenever I change the appearance of the divider it moves about 15 pixels to the right as soon as you hover over it or just wait a couple of seconds. It does start of in the right place however. My way of fixing this right now is to manually place it -15 pixels y in Flash before publishing. This works but it means that the divider is placed 15 pixels to the left a couple of seconds.

      I have tried to fix this with the knowledge I have in Flex but I can't find any way around it. Padding wont do a thing for instance. The weirdest thing here is that if I load the style without reskinning the divider it works just fine. My divider might be a couple of pixels thinner than the standard one (mine i 6 pixels wide) but why does it move it 15 pixels instead of 2 if that's the problem?

      My workflow when skinning is to create assets in Illustrator (often based around mock ups from Photoshop) and then paste them in Flash. This since I've never really liked working in Flash. There might be a better way around this as well.

      Many thanks in advance!
      Kind regards, Olof Brickarp

      Edit: Okay so I tried skinning directly in Illustrator instead and this did the trick. I still can't figure out why though. So problem solved, sort of.